Where does everyone get their herbs?

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If you don't have or don't grow enough where do you get what you need?

Buy, trade, barter

Has anyone found a really good place?

Or do you just get seeds to grow for next year?


  • csinclair461
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    I get a lot of them from my yard. I am expanding my herb garden with plants from friends yards, seeds I have gathered, and plants I purchased. But I also keep getting to know all the naturally occurring herbs in my yard, and have met some wonderful ones! They frequently do better than the purchased ones. I buy some dried herbs at my local herb shops (I currently live in same town as mtn rose herb). Right now I am enjoying a fall harvest- the rains of September gave me a whole carpet of new growth of chickweed, cranesbill, and california poppy.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    For the herbs I am not growing I use Mountain Rose and once in a while I find an organic one on Amazon so shipping is free (I have Amazon Prime.)

  • Torey
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    In Canada you can get bulk herbs from Harmonic Arts (very similar to Mountain Rose) and Richter's also has some available. Richter's is great for seeds.

  • VickiP
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    Mountain Rose Herbs and Amazon if it is something I will likely need at least a half-pound of. For smaller quantities I go to a little store near me that will let me buy in small quantities. I find it is cheaper in the long run to buy the larger amounts but I worry if it is something I won't be using up fairly soon the quality will suffer. For seeds, I like Baker Creek although I have found some other sources I think I will try next season.

  • merlin44
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    Mountain Rose if I have to buy something.

  • lmrebert
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    I use MRH, Starwest Botanicals, and frontier coop and my own yard

  • blevinandwomba
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    I usually buy from Mountain Rose (sounding familiar yet?). When growing from seed, I have gotten the seed from a variety of places- usually Sample Seed Shop, Pinetree, or Nichols. I did get Nettle seeds from MRH. I have gotten some of the common plants from a local nursery. An organic farm near me sells a very limited number of plants, but some of the more interesting ones. This year I got Korean Hyssop from them; it was a wonderful butterfly attractor.

  • Hassena
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    Mt Rose Herbs or Frontier, if we don't have something growing in our yard that's are go too. We have a few small local nurseries. There are several herb fairs too.

    For seeds, i still like Johnny's, because you can purchase pounds! :)

    Strictly Medicinal is another favorite for the more unique stuff.

    Great questions, excited to learn more seed company offerings.

  • wbt.affiliates
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    I have a window greenhouse where I grow most of my herbs. Although it's great to be able to buy just about anything online, the one thing we can't do is buy herbs that are a part of our particular bio system unless we buy them from a local grower.

    It's like buying food from a local farmer's market. The local produce is a part of your environment. Your body, being a pat of that environment, responds better to such food. The same goes for herbs. Most herbs take up little room. During your local growing season, you can grow and harvest a few favorites outside, then harvest them to make oils, teas, salves, whatever.

    In the winter, you can bring in your favorites, like rosemary, which doesn't like cold weather at all.

  • Gail H
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    @bcabrobin I just found this webpage and it might be helpful. http://www.flackfamilyfarm.com/medicinals.html

    I don't have any direct experience with this farm, but I just read the transcript of a talk given by the farmer, Doug Flack; it was really impressive. This may not be an option for a lot of folks, but if one lives in the northeastern US, it might be a good source. I see they have my good, old friend Solomon's Seal. I miss so many of the herbs from our place in SE Michigan; they just don't grow in South Jersey.

  • SuperC
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    Yes, I grow seeds for next year thus the reason of planting cilantro. Once a year I go to a local seed library, in a corner (not affiliated with the library) of the library, there is a small section. There, I find what I need as well as replenish seeds from what was harvested the prior year. Check your local libraries to find out if it has a seed library.

  • herbantherapy
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    I grow most of my own herbs but as I add to the garden some just are not big enough for a big harvest yet so I typically buy in bulk at my local food co-op who uses MRH and Starwest.

    I buy or trade for most of my herb starts at the local Master Gardener Plant Sale. I can even request for a special herb for the next year (since for some reason I am the worst at starting seeds myself!)

  • burekcrew86
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    Grow some things myself. Love Mountain Rose Herbs.

  • Heidi
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    One of my neighbors is an herbalist and has quite a "farm", so I get many from her. If I can't get from her or grow myself, then I usually go to Mountain Rose Herb.