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Well, some of you know about my quest to figure out how to help my husband end the suffering induced by nasal polyps. There is very little information out there that I have found helpful. (I am still searching for answers if anyone can help)

I am also trying to help a friend who has a large family, but can no longer work to support them due to extreme pain & Now numbness in hands/arms. The latter coming to light after working 3 hours with a paint spray thing and not being able to feel his hands for 3 weeks following. Considering that income is minimal, an herbalist is out of the question and experimentation will be limited.

He has no help from doctors who have given up (pain management is their only view now). He has used CBD with no help from it.

I am going on my very limited knowledge trying to give some ideas that possibly could help.

My first thoughts are to support the liver & kidneys, then the digestive system, then support the nervous system. I want to suggest safe herbs.

Mangesium oil, Lions Mane, St. John's wort, milk thistle & lemon grass, a bitter such as yellow dock, maybe oatstraw & Nettle tea, possibly using pure, dried monk fruit as an extract if I can find it for them.

They eat with minimal additives (similar to our diet), but I would like to make a few dietary change suggestions to support body function & healing.

I have summarized my approach here, but am still researching. I am looking for suggestions, dosages...anything that might be helpful.


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    I have started to consider chronic Lyme disease as a possible cause for pain and muscle symptoms.

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    @shllnzl That thought crossed my mind, and I will be talking to him about that as a possibility. I did take extensive notes from the Lyme disease part of the recent Summit. I will be keeping his traditional TCM method in mind as I discuss this with them.

    I don't just want to write it off as that though if it could be something else. It is possible that it is something else.

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    Since funds are limited you may want to see if there is a local herb school. While attending SWIHA we saw patients under the direction of a our instructor. A panel of 5 or students with no charge to the patient.

    It could be so many things, nervous system, like a pinched nerve. Yoga stretching and breathing may help increase the flow. Vitamin B's are great for the nervous system too.

    Maybe even look online for a health assessment that you could provide. Like asking questions of cold/hot constitution. Learning herbs had one a while ago. This would help in the selection of herbs that are just right for the person. If someone has a cold affinity, then herbs that are cooling could aggravate the issue.

    many blessings on your quests

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    Every time I hear of people suffering with symptoms which they do not know the cause, it makes me wonder if they are being exposed to or consuming something that causing the problem... Visible signs may not even show up for years and years (as in my own case). Have you considered doing some sort of elimination diet to clear the body of the most common culprits and see if any of the symptoms improve? My husband and I did the Whole 30 for a month, and while it was definitely not easy, we learned a great deal about how our bodies react to different foods once they were re-introduced - we now know which foods seem to be fine, which cause some minor reactions, but that we can have occasionally, and which cause major reactions and can no longer be a part of our diet (and its different for both of us...) It was rough doing it, but it has also been life changing for both of us. May be something worth trying, but it is a commitment...

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    Not knowing what you have already tried for nasal polyps, there are some natural remedies shared by Dr. Jockers on his website.

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    Castor oil compresses may aid.

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    Thank you for the suggestions, everyone. Any suggestion for either case is welcomed.

    @Hassena There is no herbal school anywhere close by, but thanks for the suggestion. That would have been a good route.

    I never thought of looking for a pre-written constitution questionnaire but was going to ask questions to try to figure it out.

    @chimboodle04 We have discussed an elimination diet (for the polyps).