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Thank you Grow Network and great advice on natural antibiotics — The Grow Network Community
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Thank you Grow Network and great advice on natural antibiotics

aprilbbrinkmanaprilbbrinkman Posts: 251 ✭✭✭
edited October 2020 in General Health

Thank you Marjorie Wildcraft for all the work you do and all the knowledge you and the amazing people part of this group contribute. The Home Medicine Summit was fantastic, I have learned so much from you and this wonderful community. I had a Crohn's attack this week to my face and muscles / sinews and it has been a rough one. No need for a Halloween mask basically and it has been hard to move my right hands and fingers at all and some other parts of my body too. It's like I went as "the Mummy" this year super low budget costume. Also, the disease acts systemically and so it is like having a very strange and serious kind of flu all over.

I used the aloe on some of my facial lesions and it works terrific thank you!!! I also used to some of the lesions on my face that felt a burning sensation some St. Johns Wort oil I made, as this has been used traditionally to treat burn type lesions and it worked amazing so I wanted to share this with you. Also Wound Honey worked tremendously. This is another one super easy to keep in your home medicine cabinet and actually won't spoil. Anyway, not only did these regimens work in a localized way, they also brought my entire system back to wellness and I can feel I'm kicking the attack now. Also, I kept eating pure bits of mushroom / porcini sea salt, may seem weird but my body craved it and I swear it helped.

Previously I had tried to use aloe with a Crohn's attack (internally last time) that I bought from the store and it hadn't worked at all. Now, I'm thinking, I don't even know that was really aloe, or, if it was, how much real aloe it actually contained. Now, I grow my own aloe and I literally want to grow it all over the house. I am thinking how much I have changed for the good largely due to the Grow Network. I also grow my own St. Johns Wort and want to really grow a lot of that too.

If anyone has aloe growing tips / experience in addition to growing St. Johns Wort I'd love to hear it. Thank you!


  • aprilbbrinkmanaprilbbrinkman Posts: 251 ✭✭✭

    Also I have to say I need Cannabis to survive, I don't want to pretend I don't still need this most effective of herbal remedies for my condition. However, I needed extra help this attack. Of course, I also had a few seriously potent Cannabis smoothies. But I don't know if Cannabis would have been enough this time.

  • shllnzlshllnzl Southwestern UtahPosts: 1,528 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @aprilbbrinkman Have you tried an elimination diet to see if any food groups are causing your problems? I ask only in the spirit of helping. I have been watching health summits for a couple of years and I seem to remember that wheat(?) has been implicated in Crohn's. Wheat is in more than bread and pasta -- it is also in shampoo and other personal care items plus it is a hidden additive in lots of foods.

    Most health issues should try a regimented elimination of wheat, dairy and nightshades to see if their condition improves. Everyone should try to reduce sugar for improved health.

  • merlin44merlin44 Posts: 425 ✭✭✭✭

    St John's Wort is an easy plant to grow. The tiny seeds are pressed into soil, not covered (I started mine indoors) with adequate moisture and light, they germinate in a week or two. A perennial, small shrub with yellow flowers that spreads easily. Seems to do best in partial shade, although I have had a patch in full sun-did well, in full shade-not so well. Historically, the flowers are harvested on June 24, the feast day of St. John the Baptist. The plant itself should be harvested for medical purposes after flowering.

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,887 admin

    Be careful where you plant St. John's Wort; it can be invasive. Be careful where you harvest St. John's Wort in the wild as it may be under "weed" control. It is not native to my area and is on the "hit list" of our local Invasive Species Council (primarily so it doesn't get into livestock feed).

  • aprilbbrinkmanaprilbbrinkman Posts: 251 ✭✭✭

    shllnzl thank you yes I've dealt with this disease successfully with no traditional medical that has helped for a good twenty years. I appreciate your time very much leaving this comment. Best to you.

    merlin44 LOVE it thanks

    torey I can only hope weeds ravish our new land God willing

  • merlin44merlin44 Posts: 425 ✭✭✭✭

    @aprilbbrinkman The first spring on my land, I cataloged 51 medicinal and edible green ones, a virtual paradise so I completely understand your hope for weeds. In all these years, I have found only one plant I met and found undesirable. (In its early stages, it can be deadly to my goats so it must go). How exciting for you to be looking forward to your new land. My advice-always follow your intuition and enjoy God's gifts!

  • aprilbbrinkmanaprilbbrinkman Posts: 251 ✭✭✭

    Thank you merlin44 for your good wishes, those sound like some blessings you found on your land. There is no feeling like finding a new plant / weed on your land that is new, wild, medicinal...closest I've come as an adult to feeling like a kid at Christmas. Thanks for your comments!

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