Moving to a homestead---sale of property

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Hello fellow Grow Network peoples: we are in the Pacific Northwest (NW Portland) and moving optimally to a homestead in the Tualatin / Sherwood / Newberg area (located southwest of Portland, OR as you are driving out to the coast). Does anyone have any advice about moving out to this area? We have a goal of buying about .50 acres land and a modest living quarters of no greater than approx. 2000 square feet. Also, major goals are reasonable property taxes and no Homeowners Association.

Also, as many of you have bought and sold property, you know the challenges of timing everything properly. Therefore, since we are looking for a pretty special, particular property I also wondered about looking after another homestead until we find the one right for us. If any of you know of a family with a homestead to look after, please let me know.

If any of you know of anyone in Tualatin / Sherwood / Newberg area selling a homestead, property, or, any advice at all about buying or anyone looking perhaps to exchange properties, please let me know. We have an amazing property in NW Portland and it truly is amazing for the right family. I have created an all-organic farm on about a quarter acre and there really is nothing like our property in the entire town. (Photo of front attached).