Making Oregano Oil Question

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I've made oregano oil several times and each time I've followed Kami McBride's directions and added a teaspoon for vodka to the chopped up herbs and mixed them up before adding olive oil. Last time I was out of vodka so I skipped it. I was getting ready to strain the herb from the oil and noticed a blog kind of like several little scobies in the oil. I've never had this happen before so I'm thinking it's because I left the vodka out. It smells like oregano oil and there's no mold. What do you guys think? Throw it out or not?

Yesterday in one day we went from summer to winter with a 35 degree drop in temp so I picked all of the oregano left in my garden. I'm starting a new batch of oregano oil anyway.


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    Impossible to say whether your oregano oil is spoiled but I'd probably toss it and start over to be on the safe side as the vodka is a preservative.

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    I agree with the throw it out idea. I have been making herbal oils for many years with both dried herbs and fresh. I have never added vodka to any of my oil preparations. I have had batches spoil from time to time but usually my fault. If you were using fresh oregano, maybe it was too fresh (wet)? I have had that occur just as you describe when I was in a hurry and didn't wait until enough of the dew was gone. Sometimes plants will have a bit of natural yeast on them so maybe you did have a scobie growing. So I don't think it is just the lack of alcohol. Absolutely no offence to Kami's methods or recipes (she is a very experienced herbalist and teacher); there are lots of different recipes in medicine making.

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    Thanks @merlin44 and @torey Even though it smelled fine I decided to throw it out. I hated to have to do that but better safe than sorry!