Doe With A "Shelf" Udder

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My Ana, a four year old Nubian doe, has a strange udder. Rounded with a "meaty" feel, I found online only a mention of a "Shelf" udder which matched the description. She delivered triplets without difficulty in June, her first pregnancy. Her milk production has been very good, while milking it's necessary to massage her udder thoughout to completely empty. Wondering if anyone has encountered this?


  • Interesting! I raised Nubians (and adore them!) for about eight years. The does I had each had their own brand of udder shape and I suppose a couple of my heavier milkers could be described that way. It did not occur to me to massage the udder though. When the kids were old enough I would separate them at night from the doe and then milk early and reunite them. Some does would hold back a lot for the kids lol.

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    @seeker.nancy Ana is my only "odd" udder, my other girls all have "bag" type udders that are flaccid after milking. The little "shelves" in Ana's small "basketball" can be felt when she is empty, it looks so uncomfortable but doesn't seem to bother her. (They're Nubians, love them and their milk is the best!)