Help for diabetes?


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    In nursing school, I was taught there is NO cure for diabetes. Then I read the classic "Sugar Blues" by William Dufty. My instructor was wrong.

  • merlin44
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    @greyfurball Fifteen years as a nurse, I saw beyond a shadow of a doubt, your opinion is indeed gospel. Money is the goal of the medical and pharmaceutical business.

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    @greyfurball yes! As a nurse you are totally correct!

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    @greyfurball - There are several of us (in my case 'former') nurses in this group, I spent 40 years in that trap, of many other names you can give it. ALL of your beliefs & conclusions hit the nail on the head.

    When I nearly QUIT nursing school three times, they said: "But this profession needs people like you with a strong moral code, & a compassionate heart, so Please stay" - at 19, here's what I said "Morals yes, Compassion yes, which is the only way I agree to go back into that Furnace: to try & find a way to drive the corrupt & thieving b....... to their knees."

    Well, you, plus a million plus other people are SLOWly waking up to the pharma grim reality. But it will take FAR MORE people. How do we do that ?

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    I love Dr. Fung! I'm a member of Fasting For A Purpose with Dr. Pompa on Facebook and have done three 5 day water fasts with the group. I wish I could talk my husband into it or even into doing intermittent fasting. I bought Dr. Fung's book The Diabetes Code. It's packed full of info. Bottom line though my husband has to want to try fasting. I can't make him do it. Hoping someday soon he'll decide to give it a go.

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    I am sickened by what they are doing to so many. Researching to find it is one thing, working in it is obvious, but going from the nurse to the patient is really defining.

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    @greyfurball yes you did hit the nail on the head. I have also found that sun chokes help naturally with diabetes. matter of fact my mother went in for her check up since she hadn't been in years they said she's pre-diabetes then they said her blood pressure was normal but wanted to put her on statons she said no and came to me cause she knows i'm currently going through herbalist school. she has modified her diet and has started some herbal combinations today so we will see how these help her.