Four More Days...Please!

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Nine and a half weeks ago I completely tore down three rooms of my home (kitchen, dining room and laundry room) because I was preparing to get new flooring in those rooms. That means all the furniture, appliances and everything in those rooms got moved out so the new flooring could be laid. That also means everything in those three rooms had to be emptied (most of it went into boxes) so I could get all that stuff carried out and put into other rooms of my house.

So here it is almost 10 weeks later and I'm still living with most of my house torn apart.

All kinds of problems have arose. First the guy that measured was new and he made a mistake. He also did not mention there was a certain type of flooring which COULD NOT be used in my old farmhouse. Well guess what type I chose?

When we had the washing machine unhooked a water line broke. All three rooms were filled with about 3" of water before that got stopped. The installers would not lay the floor for at least another two weeks because all the old flooring had to removed first and then give the floor time to dry out.

Then I do have chemical allergies so I had to be sure the type of flooring I chose did not have certain chemicals in their construction. Also the underlayment and adhesives had to be safe. Someone made a mistake there and when the second choice arrived it was not safe.

Somehow this whole project seems to have been doomed to failure. But also this thursday and friday there is appointments both days to get the new flooring put in.

So by Saturday I may once again have a washer and dryer. I may have a refrigerator again, plugged in that is and actually back in the kitchen. I can actually use my stove or oven again as needed. I will have to empty a lot of boxes first but I should be able to find what I want when I want it.

My "camping excursion" in my own home should be done...Please!


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    @greyfurball I had a friend go through a flooring nightmare. It was quite something to deal with...and she has a wonderful gift of storytelling, so the whole process was interesting to follow.

    Hopefully your experience ends well with no lasting surprises.

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    Re: "Somehow this whole project seems to have been doomed to failure. But ..."

    More... of my own life's "projects seem to have been doomed to failure." - BUT, & this is the vastly more important part I have found: There comes a point when, with no other choice, you just LAUGH about the whole thing. If nothing else, it will help keep your sanity... and Sanity is a really important Asset to keep, if you know what I mean ?

    Mind you, I am NOT making light of your unfortunate situation. -- I just know, from the personal DISASTER we've been living for the past decade,

    that we LAUGH together. I absolutely laugh... about all kinds of daily things over which I have NO control. - Do you think this might help you too?, - if not now possibly later.

    I wish you All the best in this Thanksgiving season @greyfurball

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    @greyfurball Is your flooring down? Without further difficulties, I hope.

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    @merlin44 Yes...Yes...Yes!

    It was completely finished being laid late Thursday and Friday evening. The hardwoods were finished on Thursday and the carpeting on Friday.

    So I spent the entire weekend replacing all the furniture and appliances etc. and then emptying boxes and replacing all the belongings. Just a few more things to finish today and I am back into my home normal time. It turned out very well and the cats are having a ball on all this hardwood now because they can bat their toys around like crazy and then chase after them. The the carpet section, they've decided it makes a really nice bed since last night I went in there and six of the eight cats were laying on the floor sleeping. That's completely new since they all have their own bed.

    Only one major problem during the whole thing... someone found some money I had secreted on my desk and stole the whole envelope. I'm sure I know which one it was since there is only one person which went to the bathroom and the desk is on the way to the bathroom. So he is the only one which had the opportunity. But I have no proof, just an intuition.

    But to actually be able to walk thru my own house and to be able to actually put my hands on a belonging which was packed away in those boxes again, this feeling is priceless.

    Thanks for asking!

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    I live in a trailer house. Part of our house needs new flooring. I don't envy your "adventure." I am not looking forward to the same one. Maybe we'll just keep the flooring we have. Sigh!

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    @greyfurball Glad to hear you have your house back and the kitties are enjoying it as well. As for the thief, just a person who doesn't understand karma.....yet.

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    that stinks! I sure hope things go smooth from this point on.

    Keep us posted and take care lifting those boxes...

    The best to you.

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    @silvertipgrizz and @merlin44 Yes I think a bad seed cloud was somehow flying over me here since it's all happening at the same time but I will survive and grow from this last few weeks. My younger brother ended up in the hospital early last week but finally came home on Monday of this week.

    My older brother ended up in last Saturday and will not be coming home. I lost him early yesterday morning. He has got to go home to his family though in the heavens so he is feeling really good by now.

    So now I'm back home and I get to clean up the mess still in the house. Busywork is great though to soothe a sinking heart. Thanks you guys.

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    @wbt.affiliates sorry I seemed to have disappeared on you for a few days.

    Right now my response would be... if your floor still is intact, place a big area rug on top of it! Looks good and you have no problems with the area rug.

    Hope you work it out and come to some kind of satisfaction. I'm still not quite finished getting everything back together (ran into another problem roadblock in the middle of clean-up too) but I do know I love the new look so time fades all disappointments too.

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    @greyfurball I am so very sorry. Your brother is indeed free of earthly limitations, no doubt flying high with the angels. But I'm sure your heart is filled with tears at your loss. Not a "bad seed cloud", just life. Cry while you do your busywork and hold close the memories. May your younger brother continue in good health. And take good care of yourself!!!

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    @greyfurball I am so sorry about the stuff of hardship going on in your life. Especially loosing your brother. I also believe that we will be reunited with our loved ones in heaven, so I look forward to our reunuion with our loved ones, and friends, and our beloved fur family members that have passed.

    Yes, work is good, esp when it can ease pain, if just a bit. And helping others I have found, is another way of at least a temporary reprieve from our own losses and grief.

    The very best to you and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Let us know how your work repairs turn out.