Gene-Editing Unintentionally Adds Bovine DNA, Goat DNA, and Bacterial DNA, Mouse Researchers Find


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    Long and disconcerting read.

  • ines871
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    Most people participating in TGN most likely understand beyond a doubt that 'Gene-Edited HUMAN-BABIES using crispr technology' is absolutely Never, & NOT "Unintentional".

    That would be like saying the Establishment of the ama was Unintentional, & the political-Pharma-industrial-military cartel was Unintentional, & medical abortions are Unintentional, & Poisoning the skies is Unintentional, & Poisoning the oceans, & any other waters are too Unintentional, & Adding bacterial, & animal, & Aborted babies DNA to vaccines are Unintentional, & GMO's are Unintentional, & creating HALF animal & Half humans are Unintentional, & creating ROBOTS that kill humanity are Unintentional, & destroying what's left of ALL life on earth is also Unintentional... yup Everything is Unintentional.

    So given the fact that ALL of the foregoing were/are in FACT INTENTional, - how could anybody ? believe ANYthing that comes from the foregoing ??

    But - Why post such & other related bad news (& it hasn't been 'news' worth reading for100+ yrs) in Around the Homestead ? or elsewhere in TGN ? -- Obviously am missing something. Can you explain how all that Intentional rot applies to anyone's Homestead, silvertipgrizz ?

    I need to RUN to the library again. - Be back as soon as I can. Enjoy a peaceful 🙂 evening @silvertipgrizz

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    "Gene-editing has many potential uses. These include altering cells to treat human disease, altering crops and livestock for breeding and agriculture......" @rainbow Have you read the article? I found @silvertipgrizz's choice of category was quite appropriate. One cannot assume what people on this forum or elsewhere are aware of, sharing news, especially as it becomes apparent that some platforms are censoring, is of utmost importance.

  • silvertipgrizz
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    I thought it was appropriate and interesting, and if one does, I believe others will too. And, there are many that do not know what is happening, and if and when it is shared with one, then they might share with another, and then, maybe this hateful mess going on in our country could be stopped. But mostly for the ones that don't know, and might be glad that someone shared. I did not post this believeing only one or all knew, rather, that I believe it is of such importance that it needs to be read. We are adults here after all and all responsible for what ever becomes of our country, in one way or another. The article, the information in this article itself explains why it must be read.

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    Hi @silvertipgrizz Yes, I read the article, of course, which obviously for me was a big mistake.

    As yesterday was a hard day at the Homestead here, so when things not only go wrong Close to home, & then on top of it we get Hit with yet MORE bad news out in the world, - well, it can not only get to be TOO MUCH, it can get downright overwhelming. - No idea if you can understand that.

    So the lesson for me personally = Stick with ONLY discussions Allowing my LITTLE-child heart to stay peaceful, & loving & joyful ... This is where I belong.

    So carry on, with whatever you want to post... Have a nice week. 🙂

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