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Does anyone live in a tiny house? It’s my dream although I don’t think my husband knows how serious I am. I’d love to have property and plop a wonderful tiny place on it... this one is a dreamy one 😍. That sun room in the middle oh gosh... I’d love to see anyone’s tiny homes with land! And any advise or lessons learned when downsizing


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    Our beloved Sunshine-yellow 'little house on the Prairie' was 20 x 24 = 480sq.ft. (10x12 Kitchen, & 10x12 Living area, & 10x12 bedroom, & the rest was 1/2 each Bath, & Utility rooms; & two tiny (6x8) decks Front & back. And too a little Shed serving as the Well/pump insulation, & tools storage. -- Needless to say every sq. inch had something Useful (like I just posted here https://community.thegrownetwork.com/discussion/842570/books-on-many-subjects#latest ). After living in this cute & homey TINY house, & too on our 5 acres Unschooling for a little over a decade, during which time we also grew our own food & had an 8 Fruit trees tiny orchard, (as a single working parent, I paid the 30 year mortgage off, in but six years).

    So, we Added a 10x24 = 240 sq.ft. Latticed, yet sky-open Deck on the East facing the Rural road. -

    Then two more life/death disasters struck; - but if I had my choice I would love... to still be in our Sunshine-yellow 'little house on the Prairie'.

    EDIT: Forgot to add re your question of "How to Down-size ": Down-sizing was Easy = you simple make a list of what is Absolutely needed to sustain LIFE... iow Clothes, & Tools, basically. And if you value Books, then those too. - With tools, & skills you learn, can make Anything. When the county came to TAX-reassess the property, the Code-guy said "Good Lord, I could drive my tractor unto this DECK, it's built that well, far beyond Code".

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    Well I don't have a tiny house, I do have a small house. We moved from a 2200 square foot home into a 1300 square foot home so we did have to down size. As Rainbow pointed out it is a matter of prioritizing. My husband handled the tool side of things but I had to decide on what went into the new house. Somethings you obviously need, beds, table& chairs, fridge, pots and pans and dishes. How many of those things was the question. Also linens, I love and collect linens. I had to go through them and get rid of the excess, if it wouldn't fit in the one and only linen closet it had to go 😩. Same with clothes, and my glassware. Finally the accent furniture. I had to sell my beloved kitchen hutch but I was able to find a spot for the pie safe, since we eat low carb I don't put pies in it so I use it for my horded glassware and sneak a few linens into it. Side tables , console, really several loads of things for the auction. I will admit it was hard but it had to be done, crazy thing is I still have too much stuff and I still have to donate stuff several times a year. Honestly once it was done I really don't miss much of anything.

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    isn't the assessment of what is "Gigantic, & Huge, & Big & Medium, & Small & Tiny" funny ? 😀

    The 2.15 million sq.ft. 1788 rooms largest home on earth, I think we in this group are not thinking about much, right? Nor for that matter, most likely not the huge 56000 sq.ft. home in Aspen Colorado. - But how about the next size down = big ?

    Now we live in a (former-military) subdivision where "medium" houses average 900 to 1100 sq.ft. - And we are called 'the corner castle' (lol) at 1700 sq.ft. This replaced another 1 ^; but was built as a school, not a home. It's WAY TOO BIG! -

    And the 480sq.ft. TINY house is Big to yet others. - Too, after we moved there, we carpeted half of it well; such that before we built the kitchen table, we ate on the carpet, & often oh paper plates. It worked just fine. (Everything got recycled or composted in the Garden, or found its way in the burn-barrel. We had NO garbage pick-up, as annually our little Chevy S-10 pickup would take it all to the county dump). -- Next we had our house INsulated roof to below floor, & in the walls, & installed Double-pane windows, & replaced both Exit-doors. - The house has both a Fridge/freezer, & (a separate freezer in with the waterHeater, & a washing machine). The kitchen has a Stove/oven, & a few cupboards, whose capacity we doubled. And of course there's a fully-functioning bathroom. Everyone had their own place/bed to sleep, & mine was on the Living room Futon (we had no room to unfold) that served as a mini-couch. The (mousing) cat Volunteered as my cozy 🙂 foot warmer, whenever I got the luxury of sleeping (seldom). Gee, I had to find out the hard way that as humans we are not Omnipotent.

    Honestly when all Basic needs are amply met, what other 'objects' could you possibly need ?

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    A friend of mine gave me permission to share pictures of her house on wheels. I was impressed with how efficient they use space. The steps are drawers, and even the floor has storage space.

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    @Tave Now that's a tiny house. I think that done well, they are very good. You certainly should plan for natural light, and that one has a good amount.

    @lmrebert I don't remember seeing that one. That's cool.