Now That The Woodstoves Are Fired Up


  • Torey
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    Thanks @merlin44 Great tips on this website for stove top baking. I am one of those people that the author is jealous of as I have a big, beautiful Enterprise wood cook stove in my kitchen but I still use the dutch oven sometimes.

  • wbt.affiliates
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    We placed a tiny wood stove in our fireplace. The fireplace was inefficient. It burned wood just fine, but all the heat went up the chimney. But in order to use the stove for baking, I'd need a 3/8" sheet of metal so that I'd have a lip on which to place my pot. Darn. Solve one problem, find another.

  • merlin44
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    @torey You can add me to the jealousy list, how I'd love to have a wood burning cookstove.

  • jjocean
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    We travel (land yacht, small size) and have a small wood stove that fits in a reasonable size box with all its pieces and parts. We set it up when we are staying more than one night and do ALL our cooking on the top. Biscuits are the fave but literally anything can be cooked on top with the appropriate cooking vessels. We love making a cuppa while enjoying the warmth in the early morning and after dark. The stove far surpasses the campfire for warmth and..... the smoke comes out the stack 8 feet up so no smoke dancing.