Avocado oil

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I have wondered about avocado oil & its benefits. This article taught me new things today. I found it interesting enough that I wanted to share it with all of you. I guess it is time to price it out. Currently I either use EV olive oil or unrefined coconut oil (for raw use) and grapeseed oil or unrefined coconut oil (for cooking & some baking).



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    Avocado oil is amazing stuff. (I can't use it if my bird is nearby, but..)

    Avocado oil makes the taste of vegetables better, i.e., sauteed cabbage.

    It is the oil I use for my sauteed mushrooms and onions. I add a small amount of mild vinegar near the end of cooking. Everyone seems to love the result. I plan to add potatoes to the recipe next time as an experiment.

    Costco sells a large bottle for a reasonable price.

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    I like cooking with it and I knew it was healthy but I was unaware of the all the benefits listed in that article. Thanks for sharing.

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    I was interested in the arthritis statement (of course, all the rest too) and thought that aside from the soy oil addition to that treatment in France, that maybe just the avocado oil would make an extra suitable carrier for an arthritis-friendly/soothing/healing herb.

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    @Laurie You have an interesting idea. I have not heard of anyone trying it.

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    I had no idea about the relationship between Avocado oil and arthritis. @LaurieLovesLearning that would be a great idea to incorporate say tumeric EO (so you don't go yellow) or infuse with comfrey, for a homemade joint treatment.

    I mostly use it for salad dressings, extra virgin olive oil for general cooking and MCT coconut oil for stir fry and the like. I've just introduced hemp oil in the mix, use it directly in smoothies and tip a glug in cake mix recipes to insure moisture! It is also good for arthritis.

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    I just read the article you posted LaurieLovesLearning! SO cool! I had no idea!

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    Avocado oil is a regular part of my cooking and I love it. I use it in cooking and in salad. I do think it has contributed to my good looking skin and general good health. I also use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.