Who has tried an earthing sheet to sleep on?


I recently read the book Earthing by Clinton Ober and decided to sleep on an earthing sheet to be more grounded. I am very happy to have tried! The first few days, it was almost too much for me, as I was feeling an intense tingling into my legs. Now it is 3 weeks and I find it very relaxing and I sleep very well. I still feel a nice energy from it though my husband doesn’t feel anything!

Has someone tried and felt benefits from it?


  • merlin44
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    @7207chablis What's an earthing sheet?

  • ines871
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    Whilst the EMF summit was going on, some people sell "grounding sheets": Fitted grounding/earthing bed sheets for whole body grounding while sleeping. These are 100% cotton with soft, yet durable silver fibers woven throughout the material. Each sheet contains between 1/3 to 2/3 of a mile of silver, depending on the size. Color is natural cotton (off-white). The sheets have a connection stud at the edge where the connection cord fits. Direct skin contact with the sheet is required for optimal use."

    I have never used one, due to mostly sleep-walking to bed, & being gone to the world at least 4 hours. Then roll over & sleep another 3-5 hours. As a result, awaking each morning I find myself grounded. 🙂

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    @7207chablis a friend of mine loves hers. She made her guest bed up with one for me to try once. I was very sensitive to it and was unable to sleep. Maybe I needed to continue use as you did to let my body become accustomed to it!

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    I have my feet on earthing sheets when I am at the computer. I hope it helps to reduce the EMF effects.

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    Like rainbow explained very well, it is a sheet with silver threads that you connect to the earth. I personally bought a sheet with silver threads and then with an alligator clip, I connected the silver threads to a copper cable that I put in the ground in my garden. It is interesting to see that the voltage of the body becomes 0 when you are grounded. They say it reduces inflammation, the earth bringing a negative charge to the body.