Multiple articles for your discernment


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    Interesting article i read through part of it and will read the rest later thankyou

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    mdcreekmore is a youtuber I watch. Recently he did a vid offering one of his books free for download. You could check out his site if you are interested.

    Glad you had a chance to read part of it. I'm not finished reading it either.

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    1/2 way down the 1st. page, it lists a 3 month supply for 1 adult:

    • Wheat 75 Pounds
    • Grains, rice, oats etc. 25 Pounds
    • Canned meats 5 Pounds
    • Canned margarine, powdered eggs etc. 2 Pounds
    • Dried beans, peas, lentils, etc., 6 Pounds
    • Dried fruit juice and concentrates 6 Pounds
    • Dried fruits or canned 25 Pound (if dried, then equal to this fresh weight
    • Comfort foods 3 Pounds
    • Non-fat dried milk 25 pounds
    • Peanut butter or substitute protein/fat source 3 pounds
    • Dried potatoes 12 pounds (equal to this fresh weight)
    • Salt 2 pounds
    • Shortening oils 3 quarts
    • Sugar or honey 12 pounds
    • Canned or dried vegetables 9 pounds (if dried, then equal to this fresh weight)

    Except for Green veggies, Can you see yourself consuming those huge amounts ?? - maybe in 6-8 months... What do you think?

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    Hi Rainbow,

    I would not eat some of the things he listed like the margarine for starters. I just like to look at as much as I can for as many ideas to help me better decide how to improve on my small stock pile. And so that when people ask me how to....I can help them with diff ideas from the diff peppers.

    On md creekmore, yes he did a very good job...I'm still trying to catch up on my internet was out for 3ish days.

    I hope you and yours had a great thanksgiving!

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    Thanks for your wishes @silvertipgrizz - Yes as you can read here Thanksgiving Blessings we had a wonderful memorable Thanksgiving.

    But now am concerned about you. Did you have electricity during Thanksgiving?

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    Yes, my ele was intact, it was my puter lagging so bad I couldn't watch anything, and opening pages to read was so slow...Tried some different things and by the time it started to act normal I wasn't sure what I had done to fix it if anything...Still working good now though. I suppose it might have been something corrupted..

    I'm glad your thanksgiving was good. I'll have a look at your link in just a few...gotta feed the felines.

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    Not much of a prepper, but am always getting new ideas, that is important, I space, though, working on that all the time..

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    I read about your memorable Thanksgiving and really enjoyed it. I'm glad you have that event to go to and share and be blessed so much.

    Another one coming around the corner... I hope Santa brings you what you want and more.

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    Yes prepping is a pain esp when activities of daily living are factored into the process. It gets easier and starts to show it's own 'how to do this part or that part better' kind of thing, at least it has for me. The best way to be prepared is emotionally and have enough to get oneself through the initial phase of what ever hits be it earthquake, volcano, job loss, divorce or what ever but if was something like emp having a years stupply of food, water, medicine huge if for no other reason, it leaves your brain, especially the critical thought process free from worry of starvation, to focus on the 'hits the fan issue'. It has been studied and shown that it takes us about 30 ish days give or take, for our minds to grasp and adjust to the realiztion that what ever it is that happened, really happened and those days to cope and critical think to make the most of it and not give up hope. To have to deal with hunger and thirst would totally dominate the thought process and critical mistakes happen for those not ready/prepared, esp when they have family to feed and protect, and neighbors....So no matter the pain of prepping, a very necessary thing for potential survival and eventually, to thrive through it.

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    That was actually the 1st. time I went to anything like that, because usually we enjoy Thanksgiving with our good friends living just down the road from us. But for one more year (two years total, until Feb. 2021) they are missionaries in Chile. -- Janice is also the photographer of the dozens of photos I have shared here in the forum.

    So this Thanksgiving we attended there which was actually the 1st. time that event was staged. - It all started with a Real estate broker who started & ran a group called "Peace Out" = a local nonprofit that taught teens the importance of philanthropy and connected individuals with community causes that ignited their passions. She has also donated a portion of her commissions to and in some cases volunteered with 4 other organizations, including Northwest Furniture Bank. When she met a family of two grandparents and seven grandchildren in need of massive home repairs, she mobilized over 500 people to completely remodel the home and help the family achieve their dream home. --

    What I have done on a 1-on-1 basis most of my life, this woman has, & is doing on a grand scale.

    re "I hope Santa brings you what you want and more." : Aside my greatest wish of Forever worldwide peace , my most endearing personal wish is for my Sweetie to be able to get out of the wheelchair & at 1st. walk Again. - Because both of us want to Iceskate together as 1 of our passions, another being to share gardening..., etc.

    @silvertipgrizz - what do you most want from Santa ?

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    for your Sweetie to be able to get out of the wheelchair and walk again.

    my own farm house on 5 acres in the hills/woods, some chickens, ducks, guineas, lamancha's and nubians miniatures, and good soil.

    and my family closer.

    and for each and everyone of us to have our country strong and free. and my back healed......