Finally Done Moving Mulch!

Linda Bittle
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Around noon today I got the last of the huge wood chip mulch pile moved! I have nice pathways around my fruit trees, using heavy cardboard and mulch. I mulched walkways between the rows of my little garden, and in the front flowerbeds around the propane tanks.

The last bit, I spread on the corner where the weeds grew up around the power pole and the front of the shed/garage. It has been a muddy mess, and I park there so that I can plug in the magic thing that keeps the battery from running down in winter when I seldom drive.

The weather forecast suggested that we would be getting snow today, but so far it is sunny and in the mid 40s. I think we might catch a break before winter hits us! At any rate, I have the last of the big outdoor chores done now.

I am relieved to be able to concentrate on indoor chores now, and get in some extra reading time and craft and cooking time. Right now I have a pot of chicken bone broth simmering to make a tortilla soup for supper, and my lunches for the work week. And that's just 2 days with the Thanksgiving holiday!

That gives me time to address the Christmas cards. I don't send many anymore, but family and a few old friends. I might even get some Christmas presents made!


  • shllnzl
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    @Mary Linda Bittle You are an inspiration. I feel accomplishment in that I got the jungle cut back (in the desert) and most fragile plants indoors against the cold; the big fragile plants in pots get a trip into the garage each night.

    I got some groceries bought today, took a nap, and now I am trying to get energy to clean the bird cage (yet again.) Dinner is leftovers from hubby's trip to the cabin.

    Of course, I could take credit for taking the dogs out at least 6 times today, starting at 4 AM, then 6:30AM, etc. I am beginning to think that older dogs get prostate issues like older humans. I KNOW older human ladies get sleeping problems, unlike my cats who sleep all day.

    I am truly happy that someone is getting the big chores done.

  • wbt.affiliates
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    I use the leaves that fall off the trees for mulch, and finished that Friday. We're supposed to get (more) snow Monday evening (11/25). Today I brought in some planters for my indoor winter garden. This year I'm growing spinach, lettuce, radishes, green onions, cabbage and cilantro in my indoor plastic greenhouse. I intend to set up my mini-garden tomorrow. Growing plants makes me feel good.