Cow manure organic fertilizer production project

When producing the organic fertilizer,all types of materials can be made into the organic fertilizer raw materials.For example,we can use the straw,livestock manure and so on.There,we are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer,we designed a complete fertilizer production line of the cow manure as the raw materials.

In this project,we equipped with different type and model organic fertilizer machine of every series fertilizer machines.We can divided the fertilizer manufaturing process into three parts:the fermentation composting parts,crushing parts and the mixing parts.In the fermentation composting parts,we equipped with the simple compost turner machine to ferment the cow manure,using the fermentation composting technology to kill the bacterials in the cow manure.And then using the chain crusher machine or half wet material crusher machine to crush the raw materials.Then put them into the fertilizer mixer machine,which we can use the horizontal mixer machine or vertical disc mixer machine to mix the raw materials with other organic additional materials.Next to use the fertilizer granulator machine to make granulator.The rotary drum granulator machine is used to make the cow manure granulator or the disc granulator machine to be used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.Finally put the fertilizer granulator into the dryer machine and cooler machine to be dried and then put them into the fertilizer screener machine,using the screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator from the inquality fertilizer granulator,and then put the quality granular into the packing machine to be packed.Put the inquality granular into the chain crusher machine to grind again and make into granulator again.

A complete organic fertilizer production line around included these parts,and the designing of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process project has many advantages.For example,the designing of the line improve the working efficient,and using the automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer machines to finish the organic fertilizer production simplify the process of the organic fertilizer producing process.