Fire Cider Experiment



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    @torey Thanks Torey--This is on my "to try" list, my tongue is already feeling/tasting the ingredients!

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    Sounds like I will have to go back to making my fire cider with more local ingredients. We used Doug fir in some of our formulas in herbal class. I'll have to look back at my notes to find the specific properties which we wanted to access. I believe it was clearing of congestion. Which makes sense. The devil's fire cider sound really good too. I had some "interesting" sensations when I tried a tincture of Devil's club. Not really sure how to describe it. I really like getting close to the Devil's club and harvesting it. It feels kind of protective. That, I think, could be a very positive quality in a fire cider.

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    So here is yet another method for making fire cider.

    Lisa Ganora is a brilliant phytochemist. I just watched a webinar with her.

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    @torey Sounds like this is another one I want to try!! Thanks for this!