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Blessings to all this Thanksgiving season. May you and your families enjoy good health and abundance.


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    Blessings to you! =)

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    I thankfully have today and tomorrow off my school custodial job, and have just returned from walking my little dog in the fresh snow! We got abut 2 inches in the night, and it's still falling, but it (for now) is a gentle snow, and the wind is not terrible here in western Idaho.

    Judging by the tracks on the trail, not too many people have been out this morning. A couple of dog walkers before me, and I saw one distant, well-bundled human ahead of us.

    I pray safe travels for all who are traveling this week. I get to stay home and rest a bit, which is a huge blessing to me right now.

    I'll walk up the the church tomorrow for the big feast, and be grateful for local friends while missing family. Also thankful not to be heading home (southern Missouri) because they are getting some wild weather - even tornado watches!

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    Happy Thanksgiving grow network family! We head to my sister in laws in the morning (3hour drive). I made Buttermilk pies tonight! It is a tradition my nieces and nephews request that I continue for as long as I shall live. Lol

    What is your most treasured food item on this holiday?

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    I love the roasted turkey with mashed potatoes and giblet gravy!

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the family here (we all are, lol)!

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    Out kids live a distance away, which means we need to get a motel room if we want to visit. Not possible on our budget. So we usually go to another town where we have some close friends. But this year a winter storm blocked our way.

    This year my husband and I celebrated Thanksgiving together, just the two of us. We are grateful for still having each other after 54 years. It was a lovely Thanksgiving.

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    The question was asked: "What is your most treasured food item on this holiday? "

    My most Treasured meal of all time is Thanksgiving. Pretty much ALL of it (lol), specifically a small helping of Dark turkey meat, & then lots ! of dressing, & whole cranberries, & Turkey drippings for gravy. Then sweet potatoes & broccoli., & Hot spiced cider. - Lastly three hours later, pumpkin, or Sweet potato pie & whip cream.

    BUT I got to learn to eat all these foods once I got to the USA. - They were foreign to me at the beginning. I sure have made up for my first 13 years without them.

    What is your most treasured food item on this holiday?