Thanksgiving Blessings

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I've created and shared this one page PDF or Word document on my blog and Facebook pages, and thought you might enjoy it, too. You may download, save and/or print for your own use.


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    Thanks Mary Linda, that's so sweet.

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    Thank you Mary for your soul's love & caring heart & generosity & friendship. You are a blessing... 🙂

    We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving, THANKS to 1 neighboring city opening a public school auditorium to Welcome 120+ people from anywhere in the county. (Apparently they have to turn folks away every year for the main meal, but everyone leaves with at least 1 wrapped big Christmas present, & may choose from about 8 long tables whatever they can use & enjoy, plus a plate of hand-baked goodies). - For us who arrived 40+ minutes before, we were Welcomed to sit in a heated foyer. - Then we were admitted 6 at a time, by gracious women who had each prepared 1 table for us complete with a magnificent Centerpiece, And each of the 22 center pieces were different, yet creatively arranged, with love... - And then the Servers were all teenagers: the boys with chef's hats, & the girls with aprons, all in White who graciously said with genuinely Smiling faces "Happy Thanksgiving", & "What else can I get you?" - First a salad was served, before the main meal of both white & dark turkey, potatoes with little bits of potatoes left in with also small pieces of bacon. Too sweet potatoes, & dressing, & cranberries (each plate loaded almost to over-filling that we could take home on paper plates, which we did). - And then the woman whose Original idea this was years ago ... was on the stage & had us raise our Toast-glasses of Sparkling cider, as she said: "where ever you are in your life right now, even in hardship, today put away any tears, TODAY may the company of all of us Volunteers fill your heart with Joy, so wear a Smile, enjoy this delicious homemade meal, & make a new friend, & let this be a Thanksgiving you never forget, & always remember. And as we toast together, let's greet each other with Happy Thanksgiving. A woman on our table thought we should pray, & we all agreed but no one offered grace, so I volunteered to everyone's satisfaction. (Conversation... ensued during the meal; I'll leave this part out, lol.) While we ate an Oriental girl played classical & Holiday music, & when she played Beethoven's 'Für Elise', & 'Moonlight Sonata' 1st.movement, I went to encourage her as a student, as these were the 1st. 2 pieces I learned to play on the piano. - All too soon it was time for dessert: with 4 long tables with seemingly more unending goodies: Pumpkin pie, Sweet potato pie, Lemon pudding, 10 different kinds of cookies, etc, & so forth. - And always the Smiles, & "Come here, would you like to take this home?", & children (only a few there) got to decorate Gingerbread cookies, & then have a picture taken with Santa, even as adults. - As we all left, we received a huge Shopping bag with a large wrapped soft present (I think it's a blanket of some kind). - I thanked at least 40 volunteers with these same words "Thank you for your soul's love & caring heart & generosity & friendship. You are a magnificent blessing... Happy Holidays 🙂"

    It was another memorable Thanksgiving. - Yet as @Mary Linda Bittle also says in a grateful heart, it is Thanksgiving every day.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone... 🙂

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    @rainbow Thank you so much for sharing this story! It made my heart happy.

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    Aaww, so Glad it your heart Happy... Mary 🙂

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    @Mary Linda Bittle


    Mary thank you for the file, and rainbow thank you for the awesome story.

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    This was quite the thanksgiving, hearing from y'all, thanks for that

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    I am glad everyone enjoyed this occasion, with the rest of us. - May you all... as well enjoy a blessed Christmas.