First Icy Winter Storm of the Season

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Yesterday was out first icy storm of this season. To me, gosh but everything was so beautiful.

But then there is the downside also.

  1. almost no internet reception yesterday
  2. our power was going off and on all day long since people kept sliding into power poles. Had to pity the electrical company linemen/women
  3. the mall parking lots (I hear) were still packed since they all wanted their bargains. Then they had the nerve to complain about all the other people out in this weather. Some people... go figure!

So here it is the 1st of December and we've had snow a couple of times, a spectacular ice show (remember I'm in the country) and lots of unusually colder weather. I just hope this doesn't mean when February gets here (when we usually do have winter weather) we don't end up with an early Spring. Spring is OK but I'll always be a winter girl at heart.


  • blevinandwomba
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    Did you get anything from the system last night? We were supposed to get 1-2 inches of snow and slush, but we didn't even get that.

    I'm with you on winter. I spent a year in West Virginia, and one of my favorite things was how much snow we got. We were in just the right spot between the mountains. It wasn't significantly colder(than Central PA) but starting in November it snowed on a regular basis.

  • greyfurball
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    @blevinandwomba no we got nothing but a fantastic ice display.

    The weather here has been colder for the last week so all of the outside stuff was chilled already. The rain/sleet mix therefore stuck onto everything. We were lucky though that it wasn't a long storm system going thru. It came and went very slowly but it did not drop all at once. It was just a slow moving system with a light rain/drizzle all day so everything did not get buried under ice and excess weight.

    Days like that are just made for sitting and watching the ice display build up because you know it just won't hang around long. The sun always carries away the gorgeous scenery.

  • Merin Porter
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    Beautiful pic! I know, I love winter. Such fun to be had!

  • EarlKelly
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    Ahh yes, winter ice storms. Power on and off all day Sunday. Monday is when we got the snow from the storm. A little over a foot of fresh powder. Waited till today to clear it. Snowed all day. Good thing it wasn’t a wet snow or trees and power lines would be coming down.

  • wbt.affiliates
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    We live further west from you, southwestern Colorado. So our first winter storm happened over Thanksgiving. Since our kids live eight hours away, and because we'd need to rent a motel, we usually spend Thanksgiving with friends over the mountain into Cortez (Colorado).

    But we decided not to risk it. Friday was even worse. Not much accumulation of snow, but the wind and ice made things treacherous. It only takes an inch of snow and a strong wind to make a blizzard. We decided not to get caught in one.

    And, of course, the electricity and the internet were sporadic. Ya gotta love country living or you'd never survive out here.

  • greyfurball
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    @wbt.affiliates yes I love your closing line... "Ya gotta love country living..."

    Even my own relatives, which live in the suburbs close to a larger city, can't understand the appeal of living how and where I do. But I'd never give up my home for them any day.

    The only big problem I've run into though is when you apply and get a job which is dependent on the internet. Been there...done that... and I know never bother trying it again.

  • wbt.affiliates
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    Yeah. My job, if you can call it a job, depends on the internet. I'm a writer. I write copy for the prepper and alternative health markets, and I write novels. Right now I'm concentrating on the finale of a dystopian series. I LOVE what I do. The internet can do whatever it wishes out here. I'll catch up on those who are able to wait for my system to get back on line. Those who can't wait, well, that's life.

  • greyfurball
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    @wbt.affiliates ... oh the difficulty called deadlines when the weather does not cooperate.

    I bet you also have acquired the habit of never putting off until tomorrow what can be done today only because you might not have a tomorrow on the internet if the weather does not cooperate.

  • wbt.affiliates
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    Yep! Thinking of that, I need to do a couple of outside jobs before the next storm hits. Thanks for the reminder!