Sprouts and Microgreens Please

greyfurball Posts: 591 ✭✭✭✭

My life has finally settled back down into its routine.

The house is all put back together after that disastrous 3-room flooring project which just went on forever and ever.

Then the difficulties with my two brothers health (at the same time). Unfortunately I lost my older brother thru his illness but all is good since he is in a much better place with much of his family and loved ones. So although we grieve we also rejoice for him!

But NOW it's past time actually to get into my winter gardening program. The sprouts and microgreens which I grow indoors each year are set up, planted and on their way under their gro-lights. Just a few days to weeks that I have all kinds of fresh harvest again.

This year I put in Sprouts: early peas/red rambo radishes/broccoli and chard

Microgreens I planted chia seeds/beets/red and green cabbage/micro carrots and rainbow chard

So I'm excited to get to watch and tend the small plants as they grow into food for the family, friends and neighbors. Meantime I always spend the winter planning next years outdoor gardens also. So amidst the winter work and fun being outdoors I generally keep myself very busy.