Black Garlic & more


  • Leslie Carl
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    Good information! I came across black garlic last year. I've never tried it but they say it has a sweet flavor, (which would make it a lot easier to eat than regular garlic). It has a higher concentration of antioxidants, and certain vitamins and minerals too, but less allicin.

    It's quite expensive to buy ($20/lb), so I looked into how to make it and found that you have to be able to control not just the temperature, but also the humidity and each of them are increased a couple of times during the process. The best equipment to use for this is a bakery fermentation cabinet, if you want to get it just right.

    If you are just doing it for yourself and you are not picky, you can easily use the slow cooker or rice cooker on the "keep warm" setting.

    If you are interested in more detailed instructions about the temp and humidity, here's an article I found;

    Dr. Axe has some good info on black garlic too;

    Thanks for posting about this! It's good to know about great options and I had forgotten about this one.

  • silvertipgrizz
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    @Leslie Carl

    Wow, thank you for posting what you did lol.

    I'll look into the 'bakery fermentation cabinet' as I have never heard of it.....and I love to ferment!

  • Sharie
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    Did you try making it? How long did it take? I've got my first batch in a rice cooker. It's supposed to take two weeks but this is week three and it's still not soft but it is turning dark. I put a towel around it to keep the heat in more and I suspect the added humidity may help speed things up.

  • annbeck62
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    I've been wanting to try making black garlic but never thought about using a rice cooker. This seems like a simple method. I will have to get a rice cooker then I'll give this a try.

  • happy-trails
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    Definitely been wanting to make some black garlic for medicine through the winter! Amazing.

  • lewis.mary.e
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    I tried making black garlic in a small rice cooker. Most of it turned into hard rock-like cloves, and the ones that were soft tasted bitter. I think I need to try a different garlic variety, 😊