The iodine Project

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    @silvertipgrizz Interesting site. I wonder if daily eating kelp (mentioned) would suffice. It should. It was part of my thyroid supplement that I took years ago. I prefer a whole food over a supplement any day. I have considered getting kelp to eat before. It is not my choice of flavor, but maybe there is a way to improve on that.

    I see that this supplement is iodide-potassium.

    We will be double checking our cows' mineral/salt block. I wish we had more money...I would gladly eat more Pacific salmon. Yum! 😋

    It is ironic how doctors firmly tell thyroid patients not to take iodine. It is like it is the enemy. Of course, it will mess with the meds they give, so I suppose for them it is the enemy.

    Topical iodine for frostbite, eh? I wonder how that would work for rooster combs & wattles.

    The weight loss bit also caught my interest. My thyroid med ever tackled that for me. It should have according to my nurse uncle, but it gave me hot flashes and miscarriages instead as they steadily increased the dose. The dessicated gave less issues and the herbal supplement (Thyroset) gave none. Thyroset worked well for my dad until someone talked him out of using it...and it cost more than the synthetic. He is paying for that now with all the other resulting meds that docs put into people as time goes on with hypothyroidism. It costs more in the end to stay with conventional.

    If you do take the Iodoral, here is more info.

    Here are possible side effects. Some aren't so great.

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    Interesting. Years ago, I started using sea salt instead of the iodized table salt because it's supposed to be healthier. I wonder if that's just another lie we've been told?

    Judging from the symptoms mentioned - fatigue, and muscle and joint pain in particular, I think I may buy a box of the iodized stuff tomorrow. and start there.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I have hashimotos, use no salt (but a little on food, sea salt), and have used iodine as liquid, nothing regular, but now I will test it out, this is gonna be great, I think...Lugol is name of it, delivered from US, and I joined the site also, thanks

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    @Mary Linda Bittle


    on the iodized salt... it has been said that as soon as you open the box the iodine starts to evaporate. I don't think their iodine is what we need, but can't remember the citation as has been too long since I read that. There is more info to come as when I researched this a couple days ago I found many more sites for your discernment. Let me go back and pull another one or two up for today, read and do your research. Here is how I do mine: say, for garlic and for me the most interesting part about it... here is how I start my searches: garlic acillin health benefits? Then I start wording my searches different to see what else comes up. I never depend on one resource alone.

    My best recommendation for the salt would be to go to Mike Adams web site and watch his videos on iodine.

    Remember Lugol's, which I am almost certain is the one we want to use, is necessary, esp in the event of a nuclear leak that would cloud dump it's way to our/your location. I will try to remember to do some info search for you all regarding that and the other thing mentioned to help protect our thyroid gland in that event...push me if I don't get it posted in the next two days but in the meant time go to Mike Adams. I trust him and I trust few when it comes to medicine. the pharmaceuticals are drugs because they are not medicine. They take some molecule from something our creator made and add junk to fill and make taste better or whatever else their motive is and much of that inflames the liver...hence INFLAMMATION. Inflammation in our body. Inflammation the root of many of our worse maladays. Inflammation, the root cause of 'chronic pain' I am convinced because I lived it for years until I stopped taking pain rx drugs. The inflammation improved and I can live without the rx.

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    @Mary Linda Bittle We started using Himalayan salt due to less contamination, has all the minerals, and NO sugar. Most table salts have sugar in them.

    @silvertipgrizz I generally research things so very extensively and have my trusted sites as well. I still found this site interesting, however, as it offered a bit different perspective to consider.

    I would still rather use a whole food than a supplement as it is harder to overdose on whole foods and is the most balanced approach, especially when concerning something such as this. I believe that the body can process a specific nutrient better because there is always special little things (I believe not always known/understood) in whole foods that work together to help digestion/absorption/whatever (I can't remember the technical word)...and in the case of the Japanese (which is who they cite)...they eat kelp & seafood, not supplements. This would be my preference. I still think the iodine theory would be interesting to test in this way. A body does need it...and just that perfect amount...whatever that is for each person.

    Thanks for the caution about just blindly believing anything online, but instead testing all information blowing your way. It is something too many forget to do. 😣

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    Interesting discussion. I've heard a little about iodine deficiency but most of this information is new to me. I look forward to hearing if the iodine supplement works for those of you who are trying it.

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    I have been buying Detoxadine a Certified Organic Nascent Iodine Supplement from Global Healing Center.

    I've also gotten it from in the past.