Whaaaaat! Plants Emit ultrasonic sounds????

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What a cool little study!! Plants emit ultrasonic sound when cut or deprived of water... I’m gonna talk to my life giving little plants much more now! 🌿💕



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    Well that was an interesting read. It will be interesting if further studies actually end up solidly backing this up and/or add more information. Now, that leads me to a lot of somewhat disconnected, but just the same, relevant thoughts.

    My, my...I must have a very noisy house in the winter. I tend go get a bit lazier with watering, and I do a bit more pruning of dead or dying things. Oh, and midsummer (when it gets too hot & dry) & fall must be noisy too.

    Then I started wondering about cutting trees for firewood...or just about anything. Oh, the screams! 😱

    Do they emit a distress signal when a farming chemical touches them? I am thinking of even those plants that are engineered as GMO. Those synthetic chemical sprays are such a foreign substance. Think about when the plants get run over too.

    Would this make vegans feel guilty since the article claims that they scream when damaged and emit distress sounds when even touched? I don't know...would this make eating those any different than eating animals then in that case?

    I can't help but be reminded when hearing of this discovery, that the Bible mentions similar things. Psalms: creation praises; Romans: creation groans; 1 Chronicles says the trees will sing for joy (I love this in particular...I have a deep love for & appreciate trees, and joy is wonderfully refreshing!); Isaiah 14:8 says that the cedars & cypress rejoiced that they wouldn't be cut down...now isn't that something?

    Okay. That is the end of my rambling thoughts...at least for now. This was a fun exercise of thought concerning this possibility.

    I will need to go water (and prune one of) my screaming plants. Unfortunately, they will have to wait until tomorrow. If this is one way to have peace in the house, I can do it! 😉 I wonder if it works with kids?

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    That plants are intelligent & ably respond to external stimuli in an instant, plus can even 'know' when 1 of its family is going... to be damaged momentarily, was discovered & proven in the late 1990's , so this in the scientific world has been known for decades.

    And Notice: What is released?, no less immediately = Glutamate (a protein) which (continuing in us humans) is the most abundant neurotransmitter in our brain & central nervous system (CNS). It is involved in virtually every major excitatory brain function. An excitatory neurotransmitter increases the likelihood that the neuron it acts upon will have an action potential (also called a nerve impulse). When an action potential occurs the nerve is said to fire, it is somewhat akin to the completion of an electric circuit that occurs when a light switch is turned on. The result of neurons firing is that a message can be spread throughout the neural circuit. It is estimated that well over half of all synapses in the brain release glutamate, making it the dominant neurotransmitter used for neural circuit communication.

    Notice too what? - 'Calcium-based signal' dramatically increased in wounding... (lack of water, the slightest agitation, Cut, animals infecting it, & us eating a plant.)) These travel via the plant's Vascular system immediately, while activating defense Hormones.

    So don't let any clueless tell you that Interacting with, & talking & singing to your plants is insane. - Just keep doing it,

    & you may be surprised what else you can learn in especially Non-local reality...

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    That article is fascinating. Wow... so how do the plants generate between 20k and 100k sounds? What is vibrating... so curious.

    20k is just at the high end of human hearing. If I recall when I was much much younger, I could hear 22k. They said people with low vision tend to hear better... so maybe that was it.

    Yes, of course I think we (members of TGN) all know that plants are way more intelligent and sentient than the general population is aware of. And I do wonder how this will impact all the vegans or vegetarians who choose that diet trying to avoid killing anything.

    Actually, I've been a vegetarian off and on throughout my life. It wasn't until I began to seriously grow at least half of my own food that I came face to face with the reality that life is a process of continually eating itself. I am not sure why this reality we live in has that harshness...

    Here is the video that accompanied the article. It's quite good.

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    To add to my thoughts last night, to take a chainsaw to trees would be like a Friday the 13th movie or something.

    I was also thinking of those plants that are as popular trees...all connected as one living organism. Just think of the noise response with just one attack from anything.

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    🧐 Did you know that it's those frequencies of distress that attract the insects that feed on the plants? A healthy plant has less trouble with insects because there are no signals for the insects to home in on to find it. All insects have some kind of hair or antennae which act like receivers for frequencies. They follow those frequencies to find the plant that is in distress.

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    @Leslie Carl yes! That’s what the article said and also it leaks toxic substances to deter pests from eating them! So smart!!

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    @merlin44 yes it does😞 I was vegan for 2 years but most I’m vegetarian now but still maintain vegan at every chance... did have yummy cheese pizza last night with my vegan Caesar salad!🤣

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    @Laurie thx for the biblical reference!! I thought that too how we are all connected as living things awaiting the restoration of this world!!! @Marjory Wildcraft Yes.. it’s hard for vegan/vegetarians to wrap our head around it but I think that it’s just divine creation for preservation and growth.. no heart or brain or “pain receptors” like with animals and humans so I think I’ll take away just a more wonderful respect for the plant world!!💕💕🌿🌱🎄🦚🌸🍁

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    From what I hear, they also "scream" when they die. Vegans might choose to quit eating altogether if that turns out to be true. (I'm saying this in jest, of course.)

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    soo much on my plate continuously, that Honest engine I give everything my best, but - TGN-threads: Lookie here, grow these 40 herbs, & those 20 other trees, & bushes, & look even more flowers to take to be Exhibited. so I read all these thread & go "YES, obviously I need to grow it ALL, it's food afterall, & we need to eat, how could I not? - Lordie, am still trying to do Marjory's 1st. academy class; - but now am tasked with going back to school for yet another skill-set. Weatherman: This week it's gonna be a hard freeze for 4 nites; & your plants still need to be winterized ! Heaven help me.

    And feeling guilty is really counterproductive: it makes us feel lousy emotions, not worth our time. So we continue doing the best we can, & when some poor plant(s) go to heaven they will be so Happy 🙂 there

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    Recently I saw several videos about plants making music- people have hooked up sensors to plants and then to a midi output. Lots of fascinating observations from this - plants are very sensitive to their environment, and seem to respond even to the sound generated by the devices. The sensors that are hooked up to the plants are electrode sensors, one to the roots, one to a leaf. Ifinterested, you can look up ‘music of the plants’ on youtube. Also, ‘midi sprout’, or ‘u1 device’ will bring up a lot of interesting videos on plants making music. What is so fascinating to me about it is they pick up on the music generated by the midi device and start to make more of a tune with it.

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    Seems the Native Americans have it right again. All Creation are our Relations and must be treated with respect and gratitude for the sacrifices they make so we can live.

  • I've been a vegan since last Spring. I've seen studies before about how plants react in both positive and negative ways to the stimuli. No, not surprizing as most gardeners know lol. Does this deter me from eating? Do all the non-vegans stop harvesting their animals for food? Answer is the same lol, "no". For many years now I have been in the practice of thanking whatever food source is given to me, whether it is a deer I've shot for food or the greens I harvest several times a week. I eat vegan because I oppose the practices of most of the meat and dairy sources and because I belive it is better for our planet. When and if I am in a situation again to raise my own I will likely begin eating what I raise. I try to always thank the life of the creature/plant that gives it's life so that I may live. Does it make a difference? I believe it does.