Making Herbal Medicine – Syrups, Honey, and Herb Jell-O!

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imageMaking Herbal Medicine – Syrups, Honey, and Herb Jell-O!

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  • Desiree
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    I did not know I could make a syrup from a tincture! You are AMAZING and a life saver of my time.

  • kfoto
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    Due to the toxicity of elderberries do you have to boil for a long time. Every thing I’ve read has comments about that?

    Can you use your elderberry syrup with the tinctures?

    Can you use fresh ginger, fresh turmeric roots or in the making of elderberry syrup?

    I have lots of frozen strained ginger milk which is ginger n water. Can I use that instead of the water in make the elderberry syrup?

  • Torey
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    @kfoto It is the seeds that contain the toxic component and you are straining that out when you make syrup. I usually simmer mine until the water is reduced by about half so it depends on how large a batch you are making from a time perspective. It is more the raw berry that is thought to cause issues. There are recipes for elderberry pie that has seeds in it but they are cooked. I think it also has to do with how much you eat.

    Not sure what you mean by using the syrup with tinctures. If you mean can you tincture the syrup, yes. I put brandy in my syrup to help extend the shelf life. So for every cup of juice and cup of honey I would add 1 cup of brandy.

    I have added other things to my elderberry syrup, depending what I have on hand when making it. Cinnamon sticks, star anise, dried ginger, black pepper, rose hips, blades of mace. You could use fresh ginger or turmeric.

    I'm not sure about the ginger milk. I have never done that so can't offer any advice on that one. But I don't see why not.

  • annbeck62
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    @kfoto I don't see why you couldn't use your ginger milk instead of water. I sub out water for some type of infusion a lot when cooking to add extra nutritional value.

  • kfoto
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    @torey @annbeck62 Thanks everyone for chiming in. Just completed the herbal medicine course. I was able to purchase half of the kits. Finishing those up. I just love Dr P Jones.