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    Thank you for this @silvertipgrizz - will try to remember this for 2020 presents.🙂

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    @rainbow you are most welcome 😊

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    I'm getting ready to load one more for the night. I think you might enjoy..see what you think in a few min when I can post it.

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    @silvertipgrizz Thanks for posting. Great, simple recipe now on my to do list.

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    I wonder why we don't have a 'lists' category where we could laugh 'with' each other...

    On the serious side, the lady that does her vid's has a lot of good info. I'll post some of her other stuff I really like and think you and others might like as well. One is on the hyacinth bean. She has one big plant growing all over her mail box...beautiful. And after I watched it about a year ago, I did some research and lo, the plant has a lot of health benefits and has more than one part that is edible...

    The only time I tried to grow it, twas for the beauty as most of the lit showed it was non edible in fact poison...

    I'll look for that for us soon and get i posted.