GMO underwear

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Ok, getting right to the point, do you ever wear underwear ? - No need to answer.

But October 11, 2019 was another monumental day, when US regulators (FDA+USDA) peeps known to continually be off their rockers who yet get to no less at random... decide what goes on in the market place. - Yes, they said YES for genetically modified cotton to be used for human consumption, paving the way for a protein-packed new food source - edible cottonseed that tastes a bit like chickpeas - that its "developers said could help tackle global malnutrition."

Notice the language... the public which includes the regulators conveniently gloss over "could help tackle". True, something does NEED to be 'tackled', NO Eradicated, period: immorality, criminality & downright insanity, but I digress.

Now on the off-chance that some may wonder: What does GMO-cotton eaten have to do with underwear ?? if only you knew...

Supposedly "The genetic modification does not affect the plant’s fiber for use in textiles." This, from the same creatures insisting that pharmaceuticals are God's gift to humanity.