Repurposing 1 into 4, or 5 or 6; Keeping body parts warm

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Recently I bought a couple of sweaters. The idea was to cut off the arms to make knee warmers. My former Chinese TCM acupuncturist/acupressure guy moved away, but I figured his advice to keep my torn meniscus knees warm is a good one. He always said they were cold & had wind. I had been wearing merino wool long underwear, but wondered if it wasn't quite enough as my knees were still cold to the touch. Of course, if you want healing, warmth is desired inside & out, correct?

Well, I dislike destroying anything that is in good shape & still useful, but I started cutting the first sweater anyway, then the second. At least the sleeves would be useful (for my knees), and doubled over, they seem to fit & stay put.

Whew! They were cut off...but I had more sweater. What now? Well, I couldn't fit the cuff part past my ankles on the one so I (cringe) cut those off. Then I had an idea...those could be mitten extenders for those mitts that are too short at the cuff. Ok, that was good!

But, I still have the body of the sweaters. I will make a kidney wrap with those, doubling it over. Since they are too big around (men's sweaters), I will need to sew a little...but I can do that. It doesn't have to be fancy stitching. I have the top portion left as I had to cut that off to make a kidney wrap. I started thinking that that looks suspiciously like a dicky type of garment. I turned it a quarter turn around. Sure enough, it will work. For those of you who don't know what that is, you put it around your neck and it stops the cold breezes from going down your front at the top of your coat. It can help keep your neck warm too.

I am wondering now if I will keep just one set of sleeves & make a bonus of 2 touques (winter hats), or one that & one matching scarf. I may just do that, since they are a beautiful blue & seem a bit too large to stay put. This would add one/two more new & useful product to my repurposing project.

I know my ideas are nothing new, but it doesn't hurt to rediscover them & revisit the wise ways of yesteryear.

I tried to post a picture of my sectioned sweater, but it stretched out very strangely.

Wishing you all warm holidays!