sweetgum balls (not sweet gumballs!)

Gail H
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Has anyone had any experience and/or success using sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) fruit as medicine? I saw a fleeting reference to its being a good substitute for cloves, but I don't know if the substitution was culinary or medicinal. I guess I could make a batch of Christmas cookies and slip it in! My kids are so used to my shenanigans, they probably wouldn't even blink.

I have seen more about using sweet gum for instances of influenza. Apparently it has shikimic acid, as does star anise. I am trying to use more of what is available locally, so while I have star anise I would like to try sweetgum. I fully intended to play with it this year but I couldn't find a single fruit. After stepping on them repeatedly other years, not a one this year.