Can anyone recommend a garden planning tool?

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I’m getting ready to build a greenhouse as well as planting an orchard and need all the help I can get!


  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Oh I am so curious to watch this thread. We've been kicking around the idea of creating a gardening tool... kind of out of our budget right now. has developed a planning tool which I've heard is really good. and I've been meaning to find the time to play with it.

  • dottile46
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    @Marjory Wildcraft I went to Agriscaping's site and there is indeed a garden planner but it is 7 day free trial. I've used those before when I had all my ducks in a row. The one I used didn't allow you to download your final plan unless you had a paying membership. Probably shouldn't have but took screen shots of them as well as the planting guides. Just saying, when you sign up for that 7 day free trial, have all your information at hand - garden spots measured out, any structures such as obelisks, trellises, fences, raised beds, compost bins or piles, trees, buildings, water features, etc measured for their size and where they are in relation to your planned planting spot(s), water supply, and plant list of what you are planning. Specifics of the particular variety was helpful to me as some were dwarf and some were giant like the Monster Giant Bell Peppers that didn't get over a foot tall thanks to the over abundant deer population around here. The more information you have available to put in the more realistic your final plan will be.

    @Lexie congratulations on the greenhouse and orchard. How exciting. Keep us updated on your progress.

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    I was just thinking the same thing. Debating on purchasing a digital one, but worried if they are actually worth it. I don’t want to have to redraw my yard every time I change something.

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    I found a very simple vegetable planner, it is nice as it gives details about the veggies you select. Growing tips etc, but it has very limited choices.

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    Thanks VickiP! It’s not as robust as I was thinking but not having been much of a planner, it’s a great place to start. If I decide I like it I can always upgrade to one of the pay as you go versions.

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    Here's a recent article that might help.

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