Oh Dang it! I made a huge mistake... ✂️ Greenhouse workshop

Marjory Wildcraft
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In the last several newsletters I had the wrong link and sent you to an old url... Ouch!

There is an amazing workshop on how to build and grow in greenhouses happening next January at Lynn Gillispies place (she actively grows in 5 different greenhouses heated 5 different ways). Yup, you'll be growing year round after taking this one 😉

I have a home nearby and will be attending for part of the workshop. Merin Porter, the TGN Editorial Director, will be there too.

I was hoping to get to meet you in person! These workshops are pretty small class sizes and I love getting to meet Grow Netowrk members. At the last one, we had folks from Georgia, Kentucky, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oregon attend and it was so great to hang out together.

Oh! the best part? (the reason I come, LOL) is it includes farm to table meals with food grown in the greenhouses and picked fresh that day.