Minor sprain baby toe

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Sounds silly? Felt silly for how much it hurt and how little sympathy I received from family at the Thanksgiving gathering, even after announcing I was sure it was broken!

I tried to pretend it was just a stubbed toe, but middle of the night I woke up to throbbing. Elevated with a pillow and seemed to help. Iced next day and for several days, took one aspirin.

Weeks later, still hurting applied some arnica (still have trouble remembering when injured what to do for myself!), I'm guessing too late. I've always thought of arnica as an immediate application.

So today, sitting next to my Pocket Guide to Herbal First Aid by Nancy Evelyn, I look to the table of contents and guess which category to read with intention of addressing the lingering sprain. Oils. Linseed (flax). And find this:

Linseed oil (best purchased from health food store) "used as a massage oil is perfect treatment for strained, sprained, stretched, twisted and torn ligaments... Massage the area every few hours when the pain is acute and follow up with a daily massage of the area until the joint has totally recovered."

I've been taking a tablespoons of fish oil for inflammation, now adding the linseed oil massage.


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    If it is still bothering you weeks after the incident, I would suspect more than just a minor sprain. Arnica would have been better at the beginning but it is still useful at any stage of an injury so keep at it along with the linseed oil. A poultice with comfrey might help or if you have comfrey oil, blend a bit with the arnica. I have mentioned in other posts about a salve I make; 50/50 cayenne and cottonwood bud. It is very effective for sore and/or inflamed joints and muscles. If you have access to homeopathic remedies, Ruta is recommended for sprains and strains. Don't feel silly! Toes can be so painful when damaged.

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    Thanks, Torey. I am now further inspired to sneak into what was my garden and gather some comfrey. Longest night of the year and all :)

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    I'm sorry about your injury, but glad to be reminded of linseed oil. My grandson has damaged the ligaments in his fingers in his climbing adventures, and this will be helpful to him. Hope you heal well, and soon!

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    I'm a big guy and I have "monkey toes"... long toes that get broken a lot. Comfrey, ice, aspirin, turmeric, elevation and rest.