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  • Leslie Carl
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    Great article @silvertipgrizz! It's stands to reason that if our bodies have a whole system (endocannabinoid) dedicated to using cannabinoids, that there would be more than just a couple of natural sources for fulfilling that need.

    I think it's criminal how the powers-that-be try to keep us from using natural plants and substances that have the ability to eradicate disease, by either making them illegal or making unsupported claims that make us fearful of using them. The real irony is that they will only allow approved drugs to claim that they Cure something, when in reality they aren't designed to cure anything; only to treat the symptoms. And yet, they won't let you claim that herbs Cure, when they actually do.

    They're just trying to keep us in the dark, so that we think our only choice is their choice, and they just keep filling their pocketbooks. We must rid ourselves of our complacency and take more responsibility for the health of our bodies. Re-learn the knowledge of natural medicines that was passed down through the ages, only to be forgotten when Modern Medicine took the stage and labeled all other forms of medicine as "Quackery".

    Don't get me wrong... I'm not totally against modern medicine. I think Integrative Medicine is a better way to go. The hospitals are great for emergency medical situations. But when it comes to disease and preventative medicine... I think we have a better solution. We just need to learn how to use it.🙂

  • Melissa Swartz
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    Great article. Thanks for sharing.