Remineralizing, the science...

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Since the importance is MINERALS as nutrients, clicked on , where it says "In fact, antioxidant, polyphenol and mineral levels in carrots and spinach appear to vary significantly... ", but on their chart it only lists polyphenol & antioxidant levels. So where are the Minerals? - They sell a "Bionutrient SpectroMeter: The Bionutrient meter emits light at very specific wavelengths that bounce off objects such as vegetables and soil, with a light sensor reading how much light bounces back, which correlates to chemical compounds ".

Determined to find Documentation re Remineralization, clicked on & you can see 2011 Nutrient Guide Food composition tables for more than 400 natural and conventional foods, with a special update on America's vanishing nutrients, as compiled by Alex Jack of "The following tables list the nutritional composition of foods from around the world 1975 to 2010.." - Sure minerals are listed, but not after applying "glacial gravel".

Next click on Principles to Produce Nutrient Dense Crops where on pg. 7 it says "What is Nutrient Density? High Brix, Heavy test weight, Will Dessicate, 100%+ Pre 1940 USDA average mineral levels and spectrum, More filling, (Flavor/refractometer), Lb’s/bushel,seed/lb, Shelf life vs. rot, Complete proteins, amino acid ratios, orac, enzymes, phytonutrients, & at the very last mentioned are Minerals vs.calories. -

The actual science INTERESTINGLY is shared in the next post 🙂


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    on page 17 (of this 50-page PDF), it says "Parameters

    Humus 30-40 min Lubke test

    Sodium <35 ppm

    ORP 28

    pH 6.5

    Copper .8-2.5 ppm

    Iron 10-25 ppm

    Zinc 1-6ppm

    Manganese 8-30ppm

    Boron .8-1.2 ppm

    Sulpher 30 ppm

    Organic Matter 4%min

    Formazon 600 " Next it goes into Chemistry that gardeners by & large are not concerned with. Interestingly starting page 28 it says "Paramagnetism (PM) works like the electromagnet in a motor. More PM charge in the soil works like a larger electromagnet. More torque. Healthy soil has a higher PM charge. PM serves to capture the magnetic field from the planetary spin so that it can be available to convert to electrical flow. This vertical energy flow is the flow of energy up and down the plant. -- Healthy soil is highly paramagnetic. Healthy plants are highly diamagnetic. The greater the potential difference, the greater the electrical flow possible, which is how plants grow. A plant is like an electrical appliance plugged into the grid. Carbon and Oxygen are highly paramagnetic substances. More reasons why are organic matter and aeration important. Paramagnetic rock can also be purchased and applied.

    Trajectory of soil evolution from stone to climax forest:

    Initially highly bacterial dominant 1,000 to 1 by weight and volume to

    finally highly fungal-dominant 1,000 to 1 by weight and volume. Crop plants have primary symbiotic relationships just to the fungal side of the center of the spectrum.

    And weeds just to the bacterial side.

    Soil mineral ratios and energy levels determine ideal habitat for specific species of soil life."

    on page 34 it says: "Protein Synthesis vs.Proteolysis

    Complete proteins and non reducing sugars are the objective of photosynthesis: what mammals are designed to digest.

    Free N, amino acids, and simple reducing sugars are what insects can digest.

    Sufficient Ca, P, S etc critical. Refractometer ideal tool for measuring.

    CALCIUM = Primary base against which other materials are reacted to release energy.

    Key to successful foliar sprays. Calcium channels in cell primary channels for movement of compounds.

    Key for intracellular communication. Telephone lines.

    Phosphorus/Phosphate = All minerals which enter a plant (except nitrogen) enter attached to a phosphate ion. Train Engine

    Key for ATP. Energy which fires the factory of the plant.

    Shortage of phosphate means a breakdown of the transmission of energy in plants and as such prevents growth.

    Listen up:

    Insects tune into the radio & infrared signals in their environment to seek, identify, track & home in on their mates, and foods.

    Weeds prefer bacterial dominant soil.

    Sour grass weeds, functional calcium deficiency

    Broadleaf weeds, phosphorus /potassium ratio imbalance

    Succulants, functional carbon deficiency

    Brix and Refractometer: Refractometer measures quantity of dissolved solids in a fluid. Measured in degrees brix

    Higher brix correlates directly w/ higher mineral content, more complete proteins, increases phytonutrients, and vitamins.

    Also correlates with better flavor, more sweetness and longer shelf life. High brix crops will not rot. They Desiccate.

    Electrical Conductivity = Energy available for plant growth

    Measures quantity & mobility of ions (cations & anions) & is perfect for seeing Overview of amount of nutrients available to crop.

    Soil EC below 200ergs/microsiemen implies an insufficiency of energy available for the electrical/chemical reactions necessary for healthy plant growth. 1000 too high

    Ideally 200-600 in the soil, and 2000+ in plant sap

    pH pH is a measure of the ratio of H+ to OH- ions.

    The pH of vinegar is 2.5-3. How much calcium is present?

    The pH of ammonia is 12. How much calcium is present?

    The pH of pure water is 7. How much calcium is present?

    Ideal sap pH-level for optimal plant growth and production is pH 6.4

    If sap pH exceeds 6.4, this probably means a shortage of the anions nitrogen, phosphate or sulfur.

    At pH 8 the odds of insect trouble is 100%.

    Conversely, if sap pH is lower than 6.4, then there is a cation problem, with possible deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, potassium and/or sodium. Low sap pH suggests a far greater potential for foliar disease.

    At pH 4.5 the probability for fungal appearance is 100%.

    HOW to have Healthy soil?

    Soil available mineral balancing = LaMotte soil test and proper amending

    Proper biological inoculation = Key role of mycorrhyzal fungi

    Water management = Drip, sprinklers etc

    Real time soil and plant sap analysis = Refractometer, electrical conductivity and pH meters

    Nutrient Drenches and Foliar feeding = micronized minerals, humates, biological innoculants, molasses, etc.

    NUTRIENT DENSITY as a quality standard

    When the biological system is functioning at a high level there are direct mineral vitamin trace element and nutrient improvements that are easily verifiable in crops to validate the success of biological agriculture.

    From the consumer's perspective, Nutrient Dense crops correlate directly with superior flavor, superior shelf life and a broad range of health benefits related to the body's complete nutritional needs being met.

    Minerals for the Genetic Code There is clear relationship between specific mineral deficiencies and specific DNA malfunction, now understood to be causative factors in most chronic illness. Minerals for the Genetic Code

    But then on page 49 (of 50) it says:

    Brix = greater refraction of light through sap corresponds with complex carbohydrates, complete proteins, and non reducing sugars, which correlate directly with nutrition and flavor.

    ORAC/Antioxidant levels = a specific elevated level of antioxidants 'generally implies' overall nutritive value.

    Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Selenium, {Boron, Potassium, Phosphorus and Nitrogen}- these minerals, in predetermined quantities and rations correlate directly with the presence and healthy relationship of a number of other trace minerals and vitamins. --> A limited number of test factors limits the cost of the test.

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    I was wondering what you think about this mans work:

    I found a few vid's on his work but was getting ready to move and I didn't have a chance to pick up his book or do further reading...

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    @silvertipgrizz - Hopefully your move went well, and you are now enjoying learning more...

    During my Electronic-class today at the library, I will ask how to get to read Dr. Olree's E-book. While his Specific work is new to me, in his Foreword he mentioned the Hunza, specifically their Longevity & how... , which I have known about since buying this book in 1973.

    of the 4 books he published, have you read his 2nd. "amishman-s-handy-guide-to-minerals-vitamins-and-food-supplements.html?SID=bdc40c069bf46fd5eedf865dc6cfa94a By Dr Richard Olree 840 pages Explanations for all of the nutrients tell how each one is needed for human development and maintaining life. Descriptions of minerals clearly outline how they affect human health and wellness. Included in the entries for herbs are drawings and maps showing growing regions, plus their many uses. Topics for other sections in the guide are medicinal herbs of the Bible, proteins/amino acids, food supplements, and soft nutrients. - He travels the country teaching about the wonderful benefits of eating organic food.

    by videos, did you start ? with Curiously, what INsight re the Importance of growing food INside did you get ?

    Additionally he sells a Mineral complex 90 caps $40 The "Grand Unified Mineral Complex" of: Boron, Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium, & Vitamin D. Pretty good. - But the Liposomal product, plus we take is more inclusive (yet not quite complete), & and when doing well, can easily stretch the $70 out two months.

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    What I remember about him is what I found back in 2015 late. This was just before I knew I would be moving and so many things happened during the first 3/4 of that year that I forgot about his site. I remember a few of his you tube shows and how amazed I was at what he was teaching. That was not too long after I had a bad episode of htn, in the hospital for about 24 hours and 4 doctors with outreached hands each one with their idea of a lovely gift for me of dangerous and deadly drugs for which they would most likely have been the happy recipients of new boats. I have never been more thankful for my experience in medicine than that episode.

    I will check out your links and can't wait to learn more about his ideas/findings.

    Thank you so much for posting.

    Also, if your library does not have the book, don't forget to ask them to do an 'inter library' search for it.

    The best to you and your husband/family this holiday and the next year upon us.