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Malabar spinach (and berries) — The Grow Network Community
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Malabar spinach (and berries)

Gail HGail H Posts: 150 ✭✭✭

One of my favorite greens to bring in for the winter is Malabar spinach (Basella alba). I saw some had reseeded themselves a few years ago and, on a whim, I dug them up and brought them inside. I have been bringing the same plants in for a couple of years now.

We enjoy the greens as one would any other green, but have never tried the berries. I have looked online several times and have never seen anything definitive about their edibility. Has anyone tried them? If so, did you eat them raw? Juice them? Stew them? I have both a Champion juicer, which would crush the seeds and a steam juicer which would give me pure juice, albeit no longer raw.

Even if I can't eat the berries, I will have plenty to plant out in the spring!



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