Shingles Herbs?

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My daughter had orthognathic (jaw) reconstructive surgery when she was in high school, and now she is plagued with outbreaks of shingles on her face periodically. They occur mostly when she goes to the dentist or becomes ill from another virus.

I would like to help her with herbal remedies that will help her get to the underlying cause, so this won't become a full-blown shingles outbreak. Any advice?


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    To @peggyfairbourne . My sympathies for your daughter! There are a number of herbs that can help once an outbreak has occurred but I personally do not know of any preventative treatments. I would suggest that she see a homeopath to get to the root cause. Generally homeopathy is a bit better than herbs at treating "root causes". I have had several clients lately with shingles and have had good results with a couple of different remedies based on their individual constitutions. But that also was after an outbreak and I was just treating acutely, not getting to the "root cause". One of my last clients also had an outbreak following a tooth infection treated with antibiotics that then caused a very bad reaction. Thuja was the remedy used in that case as thuja treats both skin disorders and teeth issues.

    Herbs for after an outbreak has occurred would include: St. John's Wort which is recommended as a topical for post-herpetic pain, a salve with Plantain and/or Chickweed is very soothing, a salve made with Lemon Balm should prevent replication of the virus, stopping the spread of the rash and Skullcap as a tincture or infusion to help with the nerve pain and to help with sleep. Zinc oxide might help topically, including for pain after the blistering/rash has disappeared. Vitamin B12 is reported to shorten the duration of an outbreak.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi @peggyfairbourne we had a presentation by Donna Gates at the last "Home Medicine Summit" where she presented an anti-viral protocol which she has developed over the last 30 years. Several of her ancestors died in the Spanish Flu outbreak and the family has been collecting information on how to keep viruses at bay ever since.

    Donna says the protocol is good for any viral outbreak, shingles, herpes, flu, hepetitus, Ebola, flu..... Donna says you can never get the virus out of your system, but you can get beat it way back.

    The protocol is mostly about changing your diet (for a while - a week or two) to cut out any possible food sources for the virus - the strict diet isn't forever, so that's the good news. You'll eat a lot of greens, take probiotics, use some supplements, cleanse and hydrate with enema's, and be cutting out a lot of stuff, including working or expending too much energy.

    To overcome shingles naturally, I think it is worth it :)

    Donna Gates has a package here:

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    Ask the universe, & it delivers... - isn't this amazing! 🙂

    The first nine days of December (aside facing yet another! brrr-cold winter in our house), I was getting more & more tired, dragging... slower thru each day, still working to pay bills. - Then, got burning, shooting pains below Left shoulder-blade that then spread meandering about 13+ inches to sternum. - Hm, what to make of that? 5 open areas about 1 mm in size. - Then this week as I'm praying, the awareness comes: "shingles". WHAT! -

    Fortunately, it appears to be getting better, partly because now the bathroom-heater works, plus a heating pad, - Then this morning before work, I found this :

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    I read that drinking lemon balm tea daily is a preventative. It would be a tasty way to be proactive.

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    I am very familiar with shingles. It is a herpes virus. I found the following helpful for me:

    drink daily organic celery juice

    wild blueberries made into a smoothie (or just eating them)- you can get them frozen in most grocery stores


    red apples (organic)





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    Well, come to find out, I did not have Shingles after all. - Just a nasty burning! rash, that tries to come back. Oh no you don't, lol

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    I beat my shingles with Dr Andrew Saul's vit C protocol for Viruses, mega doses, but it worked, got me off the Tramadol and Oromorph, and the scars have all disappeared, even the rash went away in a day...had had it for 4 weeks, bed bound in agony...Vit C rules...

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    Just a general has now been found that a rash can be a symptom of coronavirus...and for some people, it is the only symptom. So if anyone reading this gets a rash, talk to your doctor about getting tested for COVID. They may not even know about the rash symptom yet as it is recent news.

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    @stephanie447 My son came back from the Philippines in March with a rash. It sounded like COVID to me and I told him to call his doctor. The doctor wouldn't let him come to the office for testing and said "it's not COVID, it a virus." Ugh!

    After my experience with Dioscorea (Wild Yam) and human papillomaviruses, I plan to try it if I ever have shingles.

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    I was misdiagnosed with poison ivy years ago on my hips (after wearing jeans). It was very painful and took a long time to heal. Although I had been in a park, there was no way that my hip skin would have touched anything. I stayed on the roads and did come into contact with poison ivy. I am convinced that this was shingles. As it took months to heal and it was excruciating to walk with any clothes on, my doctor gave me antibiotics, which did nothing.