Pet Food, Glyphosate and GMOs

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I have found a web site that has results of pet food tested for glyphosate residue. It is not good news for those of us trying to feed healthy food to our pets. Unfortunately, not all brands have been tested, but it is a start.


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    @shllnzl thanks so much for this info.. I'll have to spend a little more time researching these "best choices" companies and see what I can come up with. I'm still having a lot of trouble getting my cats to accept a raw food diet.

    Sure I know the food is non-gmo and organic but they don't care. They just don't want it anyway.

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    @kjrobinson54 I know that cats like to keep us guessing as to what foods they will eat. Mine go through moods. I can get them to occasionally eat dried raw food pellets as treats.

    I believe pet food companies make their food addictive just like people food companies. My cats would be happy eating the cheap food.

    On the other hand, dogs will gravitate towards the real, raw food.

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    What foods have you tried feeding them? Could you mix the food that you want them to eat with the stuff they will eat until you can fully switch it over? Can you possibly disguise it with fresh egg?

    Cats can be picky, but won't starve due to their pickyness. Eventually, like a child, they will eat what is in front of them.

    Cats do prefer very fresh food too. If you watch when they mouse, they will eat a freshly dead one any day over one that is older. They will just walk away from those.