Mushroom watering

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I’ve began the Edible Mushroom course and upon reding an article that stated, “Harvesting mushrooms develop over a several day period, depending on temperature and moisture. Mushrooms should be harvested when their caps are 70 to 90 percent open (expanded), while the cap margin is still slightly inrolled. Agricultural shade fabric can be used during fruiting to both minimize mushroom desiccation and to protect mushrooms from absorbing too much water during rainfall. Mushroom development is much faster during warm weather than cool weather. As a result, nearly mature mushroom caps can expand beyond prime marketable condition overnight during very warm weather.”

My question is, what happens if you water mushrooms too frequently?


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    We are new to mushroom to growing. Over watering mushrooms can cause undesirable fungi and bacteria to sprout. Out competing the main crop.

    Mushrooms do mature really quickly. They are ok to harvest slightly before they are full mature. Look to harvest closer to the 50-70% development. It was so impressive how quickly they grew.

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    @Hassena great, thanks