New Book by Melissa K. Norris

Linda Bittle
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My part of Idaho is supposed to get a bunch of snow this weekend. Perhaps 2 feet down here at 3000 feet, but potentially in excess of 60 inches in the higher mountain peaks!

I'm happy that the mailman dropped off my copy of the just released, "The Family Garden Plan - Grow a Year's Worth of Sustainable and Healthy Food".

The chapters cover planning your food crops, your garden space, choosing plant varieties and seeds, getting the garden in the ground, caring for the garden, harvest, perennials, herbs and edible flowers, and advanced topics.

It's beautifully illustrated, and seems like a great book for a snowstorm.


  • gardneto76
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    I am awaiting the arrival of my copy as well! Super excited about reading it and to get planning. Well to adjust my. Urgent plans and keep improving them.

  • wbt.affiliates
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    My book hasn't arrived yet. We're supposed to get some snow too, but only an inch or so. I'm very excited about getting my book. I've previewed the pre-copy, and found that this book covers more than any book I've read on planning a garden.

  • SherryA
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    I just got that book, too! Can't wait to dive in.

  • burekcrew86
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    I got my book. Been enjoying it and planning for this years garden.

  • Linda Bittle
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    Well, it's snowed and snowed, and continues as I type. Roughly 2 feet on the ground in my yard.

    And I haven't even cracked the book.

    I've been checking in with my sister frequently because Mom is having problems. She's being evaluated for a pacemaker or stent. My poor sister has had to take off 2 nights from a new nursing job while they try a new medicine. Mom is 81, and so this is not unexpected. She has stabilized since Thursday, and we hope that she will not require immediate surgery.

    I'm 2000 miles away, in the middle of a huge snow storm, and they are having storms in Missouri. It's 2 hours from an airport on either end of the journey, and I just can't make it work financially anyway. So, I monitor my sister's social media and we text or use messenger.

    If you are the praying type, please put in a word for my family. And it would be great if they call a snow day at school tomorrow, too! Thanks so much! (And if you are not the praying type, good thoughts are also appreciated!)

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    @Mary Linda Bittle I hope the new meds work for your mom and you are able to get to her soon.

    I’m glad to hear the good reviews on the new book! I just love her and her books are stock full of good info and I never would have tried making my own crackers without her cookbook and now I don’t know what I would do with out them!!

    As a gardener first, Idk why I have resisted buying this one.