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Now that everyone is madly scrubbing their computers and scratching away, my granddaughter hopped in the car after school and mentioned that someone at school has "little bugs in their hair". 😫

Miraculously, in all my years of being a mom (32 years, seven kids) I've never had to deal with this. My granddaughter was checked by the school nurse and is clean, but I really don't want to ignore this. Any advice for something natural would be appreciated.

By the way, I used the search function to check the archives, thinking that surely this must have come up before, but it brought back every thread ever posted on the discussions.


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    I am not sure that anything repels them, but you can use coconut oil to suffocate them if they show up in her hair.

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    I don't know how effective it really is, but my mom always washed our hair with hot vinegar when she heard that lice was going around.

    I also have heard of people putting certain essential oils in shampoo

    Plant Therapy sells an anti-lice blend and it contains:

    Palmarosa, Cedarwood Atlas, Citronella, Tea Tree, Geranium Bourbon, Marjoram Sweet, and Coriander.

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    Lice!! UGHHHHHH

    So last xmas we also got lice. Hooray....not so much.

    To keep lice away, we wash/rinse hair with diluted warm vinegar every Sunday. The hair feels great afterwards. Once or twice a week we use coconut oil with essential oils. Tea tree oil, rosemary, lavendar, mints all work great. We put a moderate amount on hair and comb it. Daughter and I have thick dry-ish curly hair. So we just leave in the coconut oil until we shower the next time.

    About once a month we wash hair with baking soda to remove an excess oils from using coconut oil.

    I also made a essential oil spray to apply to hats, scarves and scalp to keep the lice away.

    Best of luck. I know that now we do lots to repel

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    What I have found that works very well is rubbing alcohol with some lavender essential oil in it. I rubbed it in the kids' hair every night after their bath. The kids were going to the other parent for regular visitation and said parent refused to treat or wash all the stuff so they kept getting re-infested. I had been using the over-the-counter products which did not work well and were expensive with five kids to treat and all the rewashing etc. it was a nightmare. I was new to essential oils at the time but I had a couple of good books so I researched alternatives. I was beginning to think it would never end until I started doing this lol.