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    Thanks, I needed that! I have been feeling unfit because I can't touch my toes easily.

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    They have lots of vids. And they give away stuff all the time. Nice things that help with aches and pains and nothing cheaply made that I can tell. Glad it helped 😊

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    Interesting. There are so many fitness exercise norms that are not safe for the body.

    I will add this to my list of things that make me cringe when watching Judo warm ups (situps, pushups, crunches...most core exercises are guy likes planking...eep). I have seen these ill advised exercises even at the national level. Nobody listens if you aren't as "educated" as they are (this is our local club & provincial association). It is stupid. If there are better, safer ways to get the same results..use them!

    At least, they do squats (you bet our kids do them properly) and a few other exercises that support the other muscles well in warmups. I just hope that those are enough to protect when these other exercises are pushed.

    Through reading (and observation), I have learned that most gym exercises/machines are not wise things to use. If you want true strength, flexibility & endurance, farm work with/for/because of animals is key. We compare our kids to the city ones, and ours come out on top. I saw this in my young farm cousins too. So strong! Some of this is due to real, healthy foods too, of course.

    I am sure that I was similar when younger, but because I didn't always do things properly, I am paying for that now.