really good exercise program for folks with shoulder and neck issues... also good for core

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I have back and neck problems. I've done everything from yoga and tai chi to hardcore weight training. By far an old school of exercise called "Indian Clubs swinging" works best for me. Have you ever seen old photos of guys circa 1900 exercising with , what looks like, bowling pins? Enjoy!


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    This might work good for people who continue enjoying Full rotations of BOTH wrists.

    A mal-practicing surgeon took my 4 fractured Left-wrist (Out of proper alignment) & casted it that way, such that our 8 wrist bones which normally allow for Extension & Flexion, no longer Hinges as by God designed.

    So the Left-wrist is now 30-degrees w/ daily pain, while my Right wrist continues at 95-degree hyperextension flexibility.

    With constant therapy, I was able to regain the left to 64-degrees max; - but it needs to be REbroken & properly set to regain my 90+ degrees.

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    I'm so sorry. I know that was an awful thing to live through.

    Is this monster still practicing?

    Some states used to fund some heart transplant procedures for those on the waiting list. I wonder if you could find funding through one of the stem cell centers or someone there could poss direct you to a source of help.

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    I think the monster still is going his thing, But I can't take on anything else now.

    All the threads on how FUBAR it all is in USA: religion + politics + mass-murdering ama + people worshipping nature instead, all seriously depress me.

    INside my mind I choose to live a vastly-different Reality = where people live peacefully, & let live, where people know no human owns anything on this planet, & everyone Shares resources with others, such that NO-one goes naked, or homeless, or starves. Where (instead of peeps saying "my kids drive me crazy!"), ALL children are LOVED=wanted, accepted, & given room to develop & grow. Where each person is Well... due to growing own food, & freely sharing surplus like I shared here already last year...

    Against the world's evil selfishness & greed. With no drugs, but only my Loved one, & continuing Rainbows & further Imaginations... & related discussions I've tried to share here, into my Garden reality I retreat... It is safe & joyful & hopeful there.

    Do you understand ? @silvertipgrizz