Updated knee maintenance

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    Who knew you were supposed to use a cane on the opposite side? Also with the cane so short?

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    Good share! I have had to deal with a cane for about ten years and I discovered right away to use the opposite hand but I never knew about the height. I went in and checked mine and they were a bit high so I adjusted them. I am definitely going to try the exercises, I am doing much better since my last flare/injury but maybe this will help me to not have as many problems.

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    This is very good information. I really enjoy their content.

    A couple of years ago I had debilitating knee pain. It was a big concern. I wracked my brain for anything that I had started doing differently and remembered that I had starting using stevia, thinking that it might be a good prophylactic to ward off Lyme. It seemed that it couldn't possibly be related, but within a few days of stopping the stevia, my knee pain was completely resolved. A few months later I was in the same condition and I happened to look at the label on a new tube of toothpaste. It contained stevia. Once I quite using the toothpaste, all was right with my knees and I haven't had an issue since then.

    I don't think stevia is a problem for many people, but for a few getting off of it helps a lot. A friend of mine found significant relief from his knee pain when he quit using stevia.

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    @Gail H

    If you were using store bought stevia, it was more than likely the additives and not the stevia. it is easy to grow, esp if you get in plant form. I bring mine in over the winter, fairly early as they are not at all frost hardy. I use the dried stevia from my plants and the taste is awesome if you like stevia. The plants then, back into the garden soil, and cover different areas of the stems with soil which eventually will root and you will find yourself with more stevia than you know what to do with... oh, wait, barter, sell...??

    Glad the vid helped.