Who are some reliable herbal companies? (Herbs, not seeds!)

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Looking for sources to purchase herbs. Organic and without fillers. And herbal combinations as well as stand- alone herbs.

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  • Obiora E
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    @superscrounger1 I would also suggest Frontier Co-op. They sell to health food stores (or at least two or our local ones source from them) and you can also purchase from them online at https://www.frontiercoop.com.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    I plan to start an herb business this spring - "better than organic", grown in a permaculture/polyculture system, no chemicals and minimal irrigation. I'll be growing hundreds of medicinal herbs, with an emphasis on indigenous Appalachian herbs.... but, culinary, too. I'll probably just do dried/cut and sifted too start... maybe get into tinctures and salves later on..... reckon I'll start an ebay/etsy store. My prices will be n line with others, but I believe my quality will be superior. I've been wildcrafting, growing, studying and using herbs since I was 15... so after nearly 3 decades, I basically came to the decision that if I want the quality, grown in a way I feel is ethical and at a price I can accept... I have to do it myself. Also, every day habitat is being lost to development, so I decided to start transplanting wild plants/seeds/cuttings to my own property... think of it as something between a pant nursery or far and an herbarium.

  • tilathehunn
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    I grow as much as i can, that being said my first choice for dry and fresh herb is Oshala Farm who is also located in OR. Smaller farm so i am trying to help them. They sell quality herbs and are ethical. My back up has been Mountain Rose and actually Simply Seeds who also sells live plants as well as dried herbs.

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    This is great information. I love Mountain Rose Herbs and was buying all my herbs there. Something changed in their shipping costs and the last order I tried to place was so high, it was going to cost over half as much as the herbs I was going to order.

    I sent them an email to see if there was any way they would ship using postal service flat rate. They would not. Ended up canceling my order. Have been using Frontier Co-op, though the selection is no where near as large.

    Trying to grow a lot more of my herbs myself now as I find seeds and make room to plant them.

  • Torey
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    Following are a couple of good Canadian companies.

    Harmonic Arts. I'm pretty sure they ship to other countries. Excellent selection.

    Gaia Garden is in Vancouver. Good company. They ship throughout Canada and the continental US.

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    Love Mountain Rose Herbs. Know people who love Starwest Botanicals. I’ve also gotten some herbs from Bulk Apothecary.