Every American family basically pays an $8,000 'poll tax' under the U.S. health system

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"Despite paying $8,000 more a year than anyone else, American families do not have better health outcomes, the economists argue. Life expectancy in the United States is lower than in Europe.

'We can brag we have the most expensive health care. We can also now brag that it delivers the worst health of any rich country,' Case said."



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    Above is an example of "economists" confusing association with causation. We now have many thousands of opiate related deaths in the U.S., helping to cause the lowering of life expectancy. The vast majority of these deaths are not from defined opiates in prescription drugs. They're from the undefined and unpredictable opiates found on the streets. A reason to live and a sense of purpose is not provided to people by a health care system. It comes from a personal sense of dignity that no doctor can provide. A much larger contributor to the falling life expectancy is obesity. This does not arise from our health care. No one's physician is forcing him to consume excess calories. It comes from the fact that we have access to tons of food which we don't have to grow or chase, and don't know when to stop eating. A book could be filled with each example of things we do to shorten our life expectancy. The Hep C and various cancers, newly made commonplace, are not being forced on us by the health care system, though it is being burdened with the vast cost of treatment. Let's encourage people to get over expecting the (unhealthy) government to deliver health, and rely on themselves to forestall the preventable ailments.

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    Hi @Merin Porter Since never heard of a "poll tax", I tried to read the article you referenced. But it's darkened-out to get people to subscribe which I wont. Too, where do they get that $8000 figure from ?

    As I just wrote to greyfurball - I was 30 before I ever saw 1 doctor. In Europe (specifically Germany where I was born/raised on a mountainous farm/garden), the only time anybody would ever be seen by a doctor, was an hour before death, after a life-threatening accident. We never saw a doctor.

    Just as my grandparents demonstrated, & I imprinted, so too I have grown as much food as I have been able to, mostly Green veggies, & berries - & this all of my life.

    Tho I worked for forty LONG years in nigh every medical specialty as a licensed nurse, - personally I have Never agreed to a PCP "primary care provider" , let alone trusting & even less respecting, & thus Never following any advice those creatures insist are "essential", particularly re 'vaccines', 'pharma-crap', etc. - Instead I TRUST & follow my instinct, & my personal relationship with the Almighty, who alone is trustworthy...

    My encounters with the ama began the past two decades from being physically Forced... Let me repeat: While conscious, & not harming myself, nor a danger to anyone else, I was against my will, & over my stern objections, physically Forced... repeatedly. And in case you don't think that is possible in the USA being Forced happens every day to untold many people. I just assumed, given what I know, that would never happen to me.

    As a result of those damned "interventions" putting me into heart-failure, my licenses lapsed, which necessitated going on Disability, (where we nearly lost the house), & then the equally confounded "medicare" which I am trying to get OFF of . Medicare charges $1700+/year for crap I never use, including never seeing a doctor, & never taking poisonous drugs. But never pays for what I do used/use to succeed in growing me a new heart. - Thus now I work again, albeit not as a nurse. Thank heavens!

    The USA, no thanks to the Rothchilds etc evil schemes has a 'SICK-Maintenance system', which should never have been allowed to see the light of day. There is NO "Health-care" system in the USA, another of endless blatant lies.

    HEALTH is an individuals & family responsibility, & was until the past century. - Now, AVOID seeing a doctor at all costs, that is IF you want to live...

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    I don't go to doctors. I don't have insurance. I haven't had insurance since Obamacare passed and the costs skyrocketed. I know that one day I may need to go to doctors. I save money for that and hoe to pay cash. Most doctors give a cash discount since they don't have to file insurance. If more folks would opt out during their healthy years.... say 16 - 50 (yes, I know women need more care than men... but my grandmothers and great grandmothers didn't... no point arguing with a woman though) it would make a big difference. If kids, the elderly, pregnant woman and people who are actually sick were the mains ones to used health care services, it would probably reduce demand (and cost) by at least a 3rd. And here is a crazy idea - don't get a prescription for an antibiotic if you have a cold (virus). People are always shocked when I tell them I don't go to doctors. They ask, "What do you do when you get sick?" I answer, "I get well."

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    I had NO insurance whatsoever until I was 50; & after only Catastrophic insurance at $40/month, because I planned to retire at 68.

    That changed After the ama-cartel FORCED "interventions" as I said above. Next year I plan to get OUT of that additional scam aka "medicare B", as Catastrophic/part A events I paid for for decades, & now no more.

    Right ON @judsoncarroll4 I tell people the same thing: When people ask, "What do you do when you get sick?" I answer, "I get well."

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    Ever since I set my family on a healthier path starting 5 years ago, thanks to my own health challenges and my conviction that "there's gotta be a better way", all 5 of us have been able to avoid doctors completely for the past 3+ years. The only exceptions were my eldest (11yo) who broke his arm a couple of years ago and the year before that he ended up with a perfect storm of not-well-treated asthma + dog exposure (allergen) + flu type B = 8 days in ICU! Fast-forward to now and he is off his meds completely, which we expect will continue, thanks to our trusting in NATURE + REAL SCIENCE about longevity, wellness, diet, mindset, and so much else that is totally within our control!

    In case anyone is in need or is interested in learning more from a doc who's on the right track and bravely speaks out, to the point of being completely deplatformed like many other truthtellers, I encourage you to sign up for free access (only email address and a password is required) and check out the wealth of free resources at Dr. Rashid Buttar's Advanced Medicine website: https://bit.ly/AMjoin (Because Dr. Buttar's website is not significantly similar to TGN, I trust that it is OK for me to share this invaluable natural-health-promoting resource from an MD's perspective.)

    For example, his free "AHEAD MAP" online health assessment tool is such an excellent way to gauge the effectiveness of any protocol, program, challenge, or other personal experiment that you are trying because you can retake it any intervals that you like. Anyway, I just can't say enough about all that Dr. Buttar has done and continues to do to share life-improving information with anyone who will listen; it's just getting much harder for people who don't already know him to find him, thanks to the insane amount of censorship going on right now in the natural health world. So let's please all do our part in sharing such names and websites with others!


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    I'm not a fan of our "healthcare" system. I avoid going to the doctors. I take care of myself at home.

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    @Laura Krause I am definitely am not a fan of the healthcare system either. Thank you for the link. I really do not want to be taking my thyroid meds but don't know what to use either. I am very lucky and there is a health food store close by and the lady who works today can help. Unfortunately I cannot go there today. I may call and talk with her.

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    @Laura Krause well there are doctors and doctors and there different situations in life. Everyone is responsible for one’s own health and chooses one’s own way. We are all individuals and each persons health or illness is individual. It is good that you have found somebody who helps your family, but that does not mean, that the person could help everybody and in every case. They are many cases, when one might need also medical help. But, of course, the more one reads and informs oneself, the better decisions one can make. My approach is looking at every information with a critical mind and choose the best solution possible.

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    THIS!!! Far too often, people confuse access to Western medical procedures as "healthcare." But we could be a lot healthier if we lived a lot more holistically. Just avoiding junk food (except on special occasions) could improve our healthcare outcomes by a large margin.

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    @dipat2005 When I get a moment, I should share with you a bit of my 8 year story/experience with thyroid meds. I had it all written, was looking for a picture & closed off this discussion accidentally.

    About the subject of this discussion thread, it is over a year old, and the information would be outdated by now. As much as the discussion here has been reasonable, I will be closing it because old news is, well, old news.

    Thanks for understanding!

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