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    Yes @silvertipgrizz - did you see the Comment 1 person left: " Governor Abbott? You probably should start there.

    Take Del Bigtree Sheri Tenpenney and those who put on the vaccine information event in DC or have them do it in Austin and invite the Texas leaders as honorary attendees with a luncheon where they have to hear while they eat.

    Bring the parents whose children have been vaccine injured or medically kidnapped or forced to inject chemo drugs, after cured of cancer by natural methods to speak.

    Invite everyone who has been injured by medical tyranny to come display a sign or wear a shirt displaying this fact.

    Then because they care about the money most, have a PowerPoint slide presentation or video that shows what the rising costs are going to be for Texas with an increasingly sick population especially the costs for special needs children which are around $250,000 per year now.

    School districts are having to provide more special needs teachers, aids, buses, schools and other specialized equipment and training to meet the needs of all these neurologically vaccine damaged children because of the toxic overload of the mercury and aluminum they have been injected with by ignorant government mandates.

    If a state does not take these measures they will financially collapse. The lawmakers need to hear this spelled out to them in Black and white. Lots of states would (MAYBE) follow once Texas took a stand."

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    When I lived in Texas just a few years ago you had to sign a document stating your doctor referred you if you wanted to see an ACUPUNCTURIST. Historically, this has not been the friendliest state for alternative medicine.

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    This problem is the world over, it is broken. It needs fixing. It is political. Let's not get too carried away on this discussion and keep it civil.

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    Broken, is right, but then, have u heard this?: Most joint problems r mechanical- I just knew it was so, but recently it was explained, by going to: .com...sobespine. McKenzie method is on display, explained and with a video call if needed...whole states, now, that is quite an idea, it is political, world-wide, as stated above....however, being open-minded, thinking outside the box, one can be led to some wonderful 'healings'! Jesus guides me! Gerson a boon to me, & Square One. Always loosen up before gardening, do stretches, u will hear at sobespine, hope u r inspired...

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    This is an issue near and dear to my heart. I fired more doctors in my health journey than I can count. Luckily I had a science background and a lot of confidence in my ability to figure things out, so I questioned everything I was told by western medicine. I also was a skeptic toward our food industry. Now after having spent years being trained in health coaching and functional nutrition and yoga and many other so called alternative healing modalities I am convinced more than ever western medicine is good for a couple of things -- surgery and life saving. That is it. When it comes to prevention or understanding healing, we must look elsewhere. The good news is that there is so much good information now available and a resurgent interest in all things natural. But those of us who believe in this are facing an uphill battle especially in times such as these. Yes @jodienancarrow this is a worldwide issue but it is particularly bad in the U.S. And the only way to convince others is to speak with conviction, but not emotion. Nobody listens to us when we are screaming and shouting and attacking. I learned that the hard way. These days I speak from the heart and do not react to others who disagree with me.

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    As @jodienancarrow stated, it is a worldwide issue & it's very political. It is not only the US that has these very same issues. Therefore, we will be watching this thread closely as this subject has the potential to go bad quickly.

    If we see anything going awry, this thread will be closed. Let's keep the conversation constructive.