Legal implications for a medicine man/woman

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I recently gave a friend a bottle of my goldenrod tincture for her husband’s constant wheezing. The effects have been almost miraculous to hear them tell it but it did get me wondering about the legal implications. I don’t care about my nursing license since I haven’t practiced in many years and had to retire medically anyway but, is there a liability involved in sharing these wonderful healing herbs that God has provided? Everybody is different so I know that someone could, in theory at least, have a bad reaction to an herb.


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    I find this article to be useful.

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    I read an article a couple of weeks ago on this very subject. Naturally, I think I bookmarked the page for future reference but cannot find it. From what I remember it said that liability is different from state to state, and has a lot to do with whether you make "health claims" about your product, or attempted to diagnose or treat a condition.

    I'll keep looking for it as it had a lot of information the would apply to most if not all of us here at TGN.

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    I love what joel Salatin says "Everything I want To Do Is Illegal"

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    @Marjory Wildcraft love that !! and until recently it was quite true... had a little cannibis tincture situation for a while but now in Cali it’s a free for all weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!...

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    I’m hoping still that Alabama will join the rest of the world!