I am frustrated with flu shot people

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Just today, someone tried to discredit my input (and others) on a local forum using this article. The OP was looking for advice on natural remedies over the flu shot. Have a read, then please leave a comment below.

Here is the ongoing discussion:

I had posted a good reply, but my time expired, & so it got lost. I am going to not revisit the thread again (due to frustration), but wanted to share here to help get some of that out. I know that you will encounter similar in your areas.


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    All my Co workers got flu va$$ and have been sick 2-3 times this year... I’m a nurse working in a hospital... I refused the va$$ every year and have to wear a mask for 8 out of 12 months of the year, and have not even had a sniffle. I have only been sick 3 separate times in the last 2 decades and I put 2&2 together and it was the years I took the shot...Gods medicine cabinet is what I’m using...I avoid touching door handles when I can and practice hand washing with soap and water ...not the toxic hand gels they provide I believe these shots are a lie that makes money at our expense using botched manipulated studies and fear tactics period. My mother in law is 86, always got the shot and got very sick several times every year.. we have not let her get the shot for the last 2 years and she goes out to all her usual places and has only had 1 minor cold in last 2 years... I’ve heard from friends that work in in nursing homes that when it’s flu season and they go around with the va$$ they call it their “go to Jesus shot” because the deaths drastically increase after injection. I don’t need CDC, FDA, HHS to tell me what I observe. I’ve seen terrible things as well as my daughter who is a pediatric nurse and nothing will convince me that any of them are “safe and effective” as the Supreme Court rules they are actually “unavoidably unsafe” I use fire cider, elderberry syrup, herbal infusions, & drink plenty of water etc... this is Only my opinion not intended to offend or create debate plz thank you! I love children and ppl deeply and I’m very passionate about what I see happening Love blessings and health to all

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    @Laurie you just have to accept that some people can't see the forest for the trees. Whatever you want to call it, creative thinking, problem solving skills, common sense, or the ability to think for yourself, no two people think alike. Doesn't matter if it is a video, on the news, on fb, or a billboard, for some, if they read it they believe it as gospel. Others will take it with a grain of salt and even others will spend time researching it to make up their own mind on it.

    There are days I just about blow my stack because I have explained the same thing over and over again, in different ways, trying to get through to someone, trying to help them to understand what I am explaining - and it is in vain. They didn't grasp a bit of it. Just today I saw a little old fellow complaining he couldn't breath well and was coughing so much he couldn't rest. He, in his gurgling, coughing way, walked about 20 yards to find his caregiver and have his oxygen level checked. When his caregiver told him his oxygen saturation was low and suggested he use the oxygen his doctor had prescribed he promptly replied, "I will not depend on oxygen for the rest of my life!" Guess what, he has relied on oxygen all of his life so far, all 93 years or it. Could she make him understand that he needed to use supplemental oxygen? Nope. Yet he wanted her to help him breath better.

    You can't change some peoples' way of thinking no matter how hard you try.

    In the end - that leaves more elderberries for the believers!

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    oh, so raw Elderberries have cyanide, like we didn't know that. Um, so do most stone fruits, & even Appleseeds. -

    And that flies right in the face of "an Apple a day keeps the (deadly) doctor away", Yup, they're crazy if they think anybody in their Right mind is gonna dig out the Seeds of their raw apples to remove them before enjoying each fruit. Golly I have eaten 4 big juicy Honeycrisp apples full of cyanide seeds at once, & never once got any untoward symptoms, or digestive upsets.

    Okay, there's always cooking them, & using Elderberry syrup. - This solves at least 9 problems, including death:

    -> No doctor visits, & the $$ you save.

    -> No vaccines, & thus NO aluminum nor mercury, nor aborted-human fetal cell parts.

    -> No listening to 1 lecture, & medical lie after another.

    -> No medical complications, you know like a 2016 study of deaths as a result of medical error in the U.S. placed the yearly death rate in the U.S. alone at 251,454 deaths. (they keep that # low, to keep the public asleep)

    There's 5 more Benefits that surely anybody with a clue can figure out.