Eating Seaweed

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While going through stores to find various spices & such to help me with my self-designed spicy weight loss experience/adventure, I found Korean seaweed or Gim. I was looking for powdered dulse or some that I could powder for a spice blend, but hadn't found any (yet).

Well, it is an interesting flavor, to say the least. The one that I chose is roasted, oiled & salted (as they all seemed to be, and all from Korea). I didn't check the sushi wrap, however...

While reading the box, I noticed that it said that some people like to use these instead of potato chips. Well...that was interesting.

Once I got home, I tried a bit. After overriding the fishy flavor & odor (I assume this is the "flavor of the ocean?") and not just stopping at 2 thin crunchy "flakes" (my term), I ate most of the small snack pack. It got a bit better as I ate more than one flake.

My kids tried a taste and after an odd face initially, decided that they liked them. So...we will try to lessen our chip consumption, which isn't much anyway, and use a few of these flakes to see if they will satisfy our chip cravings, while adding some extra goodness to our experiment choices.

Using this product could change of course, but for now, we will use the big box full that we bought and see how things go.