SpaceX satellites

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Last week, our kids spotted the "train" of SpaceX satellites. They questioned why they were there, being somewhat excited/fascinated/curious and never having seen more than one or two satellites in any point in time.

When I said why they were there & that an enormous amount more are planned to follow, and that it was for communication purposes, they expressed their disappointment that the night sky already isn't the same because of these already & that it will change even more drastically in the future. (Is it really that necessary? They asked.) They love the planets & stars, and as satellites are fun to see, more will be too much. I found this interesting since this is from them, a younger generation, & not influenced from anything or anyone else.

I have read that space/star observers are sounding alarms & not approving as there will be no place that will then be good for observation. It is pollution in more than one way. Pollution is never good.